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3-phenylpropionate degradation alanine metabolism arachidonic acid metabolism arginine metabolism ascorbate metabolism bile acid biosynthesis, neutral pathway biotin biosynthesis carotenoid biosynthesis chlorophyll metabolism cholesterol biosynthesis citric acid cycle degradation of hexoses glutamate and glutamine metabolism heme metabolism histidine metabolism isoleucine metabolism isoprenoid biosynthesis leucine metabolism lipid A biosynthesis lipid metabolism lysine metabolism methionine metabolism NAD metabolism non-pathway related palmitate biosynthesis peptidoglycan biosynthesis phenylpropanoid biosynthesis purine metabolism pyrimidine metabolism sulfate reduction sulfopterin metabolism tryptophan metabolism urea cycle vitamin B12 metabolism vitamin E metabolism Central and energy metabolism Lipid metabolism Amino acid metabolism Nucleotide and cofactor metabolism Carbohydrate metabolism Fermentation and other catabolism Xenobiotics and secondary metabolism Pathway
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