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Introducing: Quick Feedback! - September 23, 2022
Feedback from our users is very important to us! We want to make it as easy as possible to give us feedback to our pages. Now you can give us feedback for every page with just 3 taps! Try it out and help us to improve BRENDA!
New user system - September 19, 2022
We have enabled a new login and user system. This should resolve problems with undelivered registration emails. When logged in, you can also subscribe/unsubscribe to the BRENDA newsletter. Keep in mind, that registering for a BRENDA account is only needed if you need SOAP access, or if you would like to receive the newsletter. If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact the (BRENDA support, link_to:
BRENDA json download - September 12, 2022
BRENDA is now available to download in json format!

The download can be found here and a documentation of the format is available (here, link_to:schemas/docs/1.0.0/brenda.schema.html). If you have any feedback, please contact us using (our support form, link_to: