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NEW Release online! - February 1, 2022
Release 2022.1 is online including 76 new and 428 updated enzyme classes.
SOAP service update - May 17, 2022
We have updated the SOAP service to give feedback if username/password was not correct or the account was not activated yet. The client should now throw a SoapFault exception in this case, which can be caught in the client application.

We have tested this with Python 3.10 and PHP clients. If you can give feedback for other clients, please use the support form.
New update 2022.1 released! - February 1, 2022
We have released the January 2022 update of BRENDA:
- 76 new enzyme classes
- 428 updated enzyme classes
- New BRENDA team page
- Updated header/footer and mainpage design
- Improved site loading performance
- And smaller fixes and improvements