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BRENDA support 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase

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Word Map on EC


a (3R)-3-hydroxyacyl-[acyl-carrier protein]
a 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier protein]


3-ketoacyl acyl carrier protein reductase, 3-ketoacyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) reductase, 3-ketoacyl-ACP reductase, 3-ketoacyl-ACP reductase/3R-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase, 3-ketoacyl-ACP(CoA) reductase, 3-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase, 3-ketoacyl-thioester reductase, 3-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase, 3-oxo-acyl-ACP reductase, 3-oxoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) reductase, 3-oxoacyl-(acyl-carrier-protein) reductase, 3-oxoacyl-ACP reductase, 3-oxoacyl-AcpM reductase, 3-oxoacyl-thioester reductase, 3-oxoacyl-[ACP]reductase, ACP reductase, beta-ketoacyl acyl carrier protein (ACP) reductase, beta-ketoacyl acyl carrier protein reductase, beta-ketoacyl reductase, beta-ketoacyl thioester reductase, beta-ketoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) reductase, beta-ketoacyl-ACP reductase, beta-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase, beta-ketoacyl-[acyl carrier protein] reductase, beta-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier protein] (ACP) reductase, BKR, FabG, FabG1, FabG2, fabG3, fabG4, KACPR, KAR, KCR1, KCR2, ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase, MabA, MSMEG_3150, MSMEG_6753, NADPH-dependent acetoacetyl coenzyme A reductase, NADPH-specific 3-oxoacyl-[acylcarrier protein]reductase, OAR, OAR1, Oar1p, PA4389, PA4786, PHA-specific acetoacetyl-CoA reductase, PhaB, pks3, polyhydroxyalkanoate-specific acetoacetyl coenzyme A reductase, reductase, 3-oxoacyl-[acyl carrier protein], RhlG, XCC0416


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.1 Acting on the CH-OH group of donors
             1.1.1 With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
       3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase