dye decolorizing peroxidase

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Reactive Blue 5
+ 2 H2O2 =
2,2'-disulfonyl azobenzene
+ 2 H2O


AnaPX, dye-decolorizing peroxidase, DyP, DyP I, DyP II, DyP-I, DyP-type peroxidase, DyP1, DyP2, DyP3, EfeB, LiP BA45, LiP-SN, manganese-independent peroxidase I, manganese-independent peroxidase II, TT1485, tyrA, YcdB, YfeX, YwbN


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.11 Acting on a peroxide as acceptor
             1.11.1 Peroxidases
       dye decolorizing peroxidase

General Stability

General Stability on EC - dye decolorizing peroxidase

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recombinant DyP is partially inactivated during successive batches even by continuous fed-batch supply of H2O2, initial recombinant DyP activity is inactivated by 15% over the first 10 min during dye decolorization and remains stable thereafter at 85% of the initial activity from 10 to 40 min
the activity of recombinant DyP immobilized in synthesized silica-based mesocellular foam drops by 6% and 12% at pH 3.0 andpH 4.0, respectively, while the activity decreases by 35% and 70% at pH 5.0 and pH 6.0 after daily leaching treatment
the enzyme shows high compatibility with EcoVax and Dipex as laundry detergents for 48 h at 40°C. The enzyme is highly stable against perfume and anti-redeposition agents, particularly 50 mM Na2CO3, and of cationic and other detergent compound, retaining 95, 104, 107, and 125% of its initial activity after treatment with 1% perfume, 50 mM hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide, 1% (w/v) sodium tripolyphosphate, and 50 mM Na2CO3, respectively.