nitronate monooxygenase

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2-nitropropane dioxygenase, NAO, nitroalkane oxidase, nitroalkane-oxidizing enzyme, nitronate monooxygenase, nitropropane dioxygenase, NMO, NMO-Nc, NMO-Ws, nmoA, oxidase, nitroalkane, oxygenase, 2-nitropropane di-, P3N monooxygenase, Pa-NMO, PA4202, protein PA4202, Rv1894c, Sa-NAO


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.13 Acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen (oxygenases)
             1.13.12 With incorporation of one atom of oxygen (internal monooxygenases or internal mixed-function oxidases)
       nitronate monooxygenase

Systematic Name

Systematic Name on EC - nitronate monooxygenase

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IUBMB Comments
nitronate:oxygen 2-oxidoreductase (nitrite-forming)
Previously classified as 2-nitropropane dioxygenase (EC, but it is now recognized that this was the result of the slow ionization of nitroalkanes to their nitronate (anionic) forms. The enzymes from the fungus Neurospora crassa and the yeast Williopsis saturnus var. mrakii (formerly classified as Hansenula mrakii) contain non-covalently bound FMN as the cofactor. Neither hydrogen peroxide nor superoxide were detected during enzyme turnover. Active towards linear alkyl nitronates of lengths between 2 and 6 carbon atoms and, with lower activity, towards propyl-2-nitronate. The enzyme from N. crassa can also utilize neutral nitroalkanes, but with lower activity.