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BRENDA support 12-oxophytodienoate reductase

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12-oxo phytodienoic acid reductase, 12-oxo-phytodienoate acid reductase, 12-oxo-phytodienoic acid reductase, 12-oxophytodienoate reductase, 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 1, 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 3, 12-oxophytodienoate reductase isoform 3, 12-oxophytodienoate-10,11-reductase, 12-oxophytodienoate10,11-reductase, CsOPR3, cyclopentenone reductase, HvOPR1, More, morphine reductase, old yellow enzyme, OPDA reductase, OPDA reductase I, OPR, OPR-1, OPR-3, OPR1, OPR2, OPR3, OPR3 oxidoreductase, OPR4, OPR5, OPR6, OPR7, OPR8, OPRI, OPRII, OsOPR01-1, OsOPR02-1, OsOPR04-1, OsOPR06-1, OsOPR08-1, OsOPR10, OsOPR11, OsOPR6, OsOPR7, OsOPR8, oxophytodienoate reductase, oxophytodienoic acid reductase, OYE, phytodienoic acid reductase, S64, TaOPR1


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.3 Acting on the CH-CH group of donors
             1.3.1 With NAD+ or NADP+ as acceptor
                EC 12-oxophytodienoate reductase