nitric oxide reductase (cytochrome c)

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Nitrous oxide
+ 2 ferricytochrome c +
= 2 nitric oxide + 2 ferrocytochrome c + 2 H+


Anor, ba3-oxidase, c-type nitric oxide reductase, cNOR, Cnor1, Cnor2, cytochrome c dependent nitric oxide reductase, cytochrome c type NOR, cytochrome c-dependent nitric oxide reductase, cytochrome c-dependent NO reductase, flavorubredoxin, FlRd, Fnor, FprA, membrane-integrated nitric oxide reductase, nitric oxide reductase, nitric oxide reductase cytochrome, nitric oxide-reductase, nitrogen oxide reductase, NO reductase, NO-reductase, NOR, NorB, NorBC, NorC, NorCB, NorZ, P450nor, qCuANOR, respiratory nitric oxide reductase, respiratory NO reductase, S-NOR, scavenging nitric oxide reductase, Tnor


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.7 Acting on other nitrogenous compounds as donors
             1.7.2 With a cytochrome as acceptor
       nitric oxide reductase (cytochrome c)