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BRENDA support protein dithiol:quinone oxidoreductase DsbB

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a [DsbA protein] with reduced L-cysteine residues
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a quinone
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a [DsbA protein] carrying a disulfide bond
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a quinol


C. trachomatis disulfide bond protein B, CtDsbB, disulfide bond formation protein B, disulfide bond oxidoreductase B, disulfide bond protein B, disulfide-bond formation protein B, DsbB, membrane protein disulfide bond protein B, Rv2968c, thiol:disulfide oxidoreductase, VKOR homolog


     1 Oxidoreductases
         1.8 Acting on a sulfur group of donors
             1.8.5 With a quinone or similar compound as acceptor
                EC protein dithiol:quinone oxidoreductase DsbB

Systematic Name

Systematic Name on EC - protein dithiol:quinone oxidoreductase DsbB

for references in articles please use BRENDA:EC1.8.5.9

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IUBMB Comments
protein dithiol:quinone oxidoreductase (disulfide-forming)
DsbB is a protein found in Gram-negative bacteria that functions within a pathway for protein disulfide bond formation. The enzyme catalyses the oxidation of the DsbA protein by generating disulfide bonds de novo via the reduction of membrane quinones. cf. EC, protein dithiol oxidoreductase (disulfide-forming).