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EC Details
EC number
Accepted name
heptaprenyl diphosphate synthase
(2E,6E)-farnesyl diphosphate + 4 isopentenyl diphosphate = 4 diphosphate + all-trans-heptaprenyl diphosphate
Other name(s)
all-trans-heptaprenyl-diphosphate synthase, heptaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase, heptaprenyl pyrophosphate synthetase, HepPP synthase, HepPS, heptaprenylpyrophosphate synthetase
Systematic name
(2E,6E)-farnesyl-diphosphate:isopentenyl-diphosphate farnesyltranstransferase (adding 4 isopentenyl units)
CAS registry number
This enzyme catalyses the condensation reactions resulting in the formation of all-trans-heptaprenyl diphosphate, the isoprenoid side chain of ubiquinone-7 and menaquinone-7. The enzyme adds four isopentenyl diphosphate molecules sequentially to farnesyl diphosphate with trans stereochemistry.
created 1984, modified 2010
EC Tree created 1972, deleted 1976 created 1972, deleted 1976 created 1972, deleted 1976 created 1989, deleted 2004 created 1992, deleted 1999