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atrolysin A
Cleavage of Asn3┼Gln, His5┼Leu, His10┼Leu, Ala14┼Leu and Tyr16┼Leu in insulin B chain; removes C-terminal Leu from small peptides
microbial collagenase
Digestion of native collagen in the triple helical region at ┼Gly bonds. With synthetic peptides, a preference is shown for Gly at P3 and P1′, Pro and Ala at P2 and P2′, and hydroxyproline, Ala or Arg at P3′
Cleavage of Phe1┼Val, His5┼Leu, Ala14┼Leu, Gly20┼Glu, Gly23┼Phe and Phe24┼Phe bonds in insulin B chain as well as N-blocked dipeptides
interstitial collagenase
Cleavage of the triple helix of collagen at about three-quarters of the length of the molecule from the N-terminus, at Gly775┼Ile in the α1(I) chain. Cleaves synthetic substrates and α-macroglobulins at bonds where P1′ is a hydrophobic residue
Results 1 - 10 of 89 next resultsend of results