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  • Hong, Y.; Dashtban, M.; Kepka, G.; Chen, S.; Qin, W.
    Overexpression of D-xylose reductase (xyl 1) gene and antisense inhibition of D-xylulokinase (xyiH) gene increase xylitol production in Trichoderma reesei (2014), BioMed Res. Int., 2014, 169705.
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Application Comment Organism
synthesis overexpression of D-xylose reductase Xyl1 gene and antisense inhibition of D-xylulokinase XyiH gene result in increase in xylitol production from 22.8 mM to 24.8 mM Trichoderma reesei


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Trichoderma reesei Q876L8


Synonyms Comment Organism
Trichoderma reesei