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  • Yildiz, I.; Yildiz, B.S.
    Mechanistic study of L-6-hydroxynicotine oxidase by DFT and ONIOM methods (2021), J. Mol. Model., 27, 53 .
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Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans Q93NH4


Synonyms Comment Organism
Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans

General Information

General Information Comment Organism
metabolism resiudes Asn166, Tyr311, and Lys287 as well as an active site water molecule have roles in the catalysis of the enzyme. A hydride transfer mechanism is the only viable mechanism for catalysis. During the hydride transfer process an active site water molecule bridges FAD and Lys287 through H-bonding interaction. A series of H-bonding interactions coupled with van der Waals interactions keep FAD and substrate S-6-hydroxynicotine closer. FAD achieves a bent conformation Paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans