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  • Pan, Q.; Wang, Q.; Yuan, F.; Xing, S.; Zhao, J.; Choi, Y.H.; Verpoorte, R.; Tian, Y.; Wang, G.; Tang, K.
    Overexpression of ORCA3 and G10H in Catharanthus roseus plants regulated alkaloid biosynthesis and metabolism revealed by NMR-metabolomics (2012), PLoS ONE, 7, e43038 .
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EC Number Organism UniProt Comment Textmining Catharanthus roseus Q8VWZ7


EC Number Synonyms Comment Organism G10H
Catharanthus roseus

General Information

EC Number General Information Comment Organism physiological function overexpression of G10H alone or coexpression G10H with octadecanoid-derivative responsive Catharanthus AP2-domain gene ORCA3 in transgenic Catharanthus roseus plants. G10H transcripts show a significant increase under G10H and ORCA3 cooverexpression. ORCA3 and G10H overexpression significantly increase the accumulation of strictosidine, vindoline, catharanthine and ajmalicine but have limited effects on anhydrovinblastine and vinblastine levels Catharanthus roseus