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Literature summary extracted from

  • McCormick, J.; Hirsch, U.; Sjolander, N.; Doerschuk, A.
    Cosynthesis of tetracyclines by pairs of Streptomyces aureofaciens mutants [7] (1960), J. Am. Chem. Soc., 82, 5006-5007.
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Protein Variants

EC Number Protein Variants Comment Organism additional information isolated of a pigmented mutant S-1308 producing 7-chloro-5a,11a-dehydrotetracycline along with small amounts of 7-chlorotetracycline. Upon coculture with mutant W-5 presumably blocked early in tetracycline biosynthesis, 7-chlorotetracycline is obtained and correspondingly less of 7-chloro-5a,11a-dehydrotetracycline Kitasatospora aureofaciens


EC Number Organism UniProt Comment Textmining Kitasatospora aureofaciens
- Kitasatospora aureofaciens Duggar