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Cereal plant trait
Version 2014-10-28
use AND (NOT) or OR
use AND (NOT) or OR
Details for plant trait
Cereal plant trait ID
A measurable or observable characteristic of a cellular component (GO:0005575), biological process (GO:0008150) or molecular function (GO:0003674) that is part of, or has participant a plant anatomical entity (PO:0025131) and/or a plant structure development stage (PO:0009012)
This includes physiological, molecular and biochemical traits as well.
1. plant phenotype
2. plant quality
1. GO: 0003674
2. GO: 0005575
3. GO: 0008150
4. GR: pj
5. PO: 0009012
6. PO: 0025131
7. POC: cooperl
8. OBO SF TO: 3495455
is an element of the parent element
is a part of the parent element
is related to the parent element
derives from the parent element
// at least 1 tissue/ enzyme/ localization link in this branch
// tissue/ enzyme/ localization link to BRENDA
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