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0308 cell, 1-LN cell, 10/9CRC1 cell, 11-9-1-4 cell, 1102 cell, 1182 cell, 1205-Lu cell, 1290-2 cell, 1321-N1 cell, 143-B cell, 15PC3 cell, 16-HBE14o cell, 164T2 cell, 1682-A cell, 1704 cell, 184A1N4 cell, 1BR3.G cell, 1C9 cell, 1F6 cell, 1HAEo cell, 2102Ep cell, 212LN cell, 222 cell, 250MK cell, 253J laval cell, 253J-BV cell, 267T2 cell, 293-F FreeStyle cell, 293-IL-1RI cell, 2B4-T cell, 2BN cell, 2fTGH cell, 32D cell, 38E6E7HFK cell, 3D4/21 cell, 3D5 cell, 3T3-F442A cell, 3T3-L1 cell, 3T6-Swiss albino cell, 3Y1-B clone 1 cell, 46BRLigI cell, 4a-2s4 cell, 4T1 cell, 4TO7 cell, 5-8F cell, 5637 cell, 5TGM1 cell, 6-10B cell, 661W cell, 697 cell, 6DT1 cell, 769-P cell, 76NF2V cell, 80S14 cell, 8305C cell, 8505C cell, 862L cell, 94-H48 cell, 95-H1 cell, 95D cell, A-1207 cell, A-172 cell, A-204 cell, A-2058 cell, A-224 cell, A-253 cell, A-2780 cell, A-364 cell, A-375 cell, A-375.S2 cell, A-375SM cell, A-427 cell, A-431 cell, A-498 cell, A-547 cell, A-549 cell, A-673 cell, A-704 cell, A-716 cell, A-875 cell, A-9 cell, A10 cell, A20 cell, A2780/100 cell, A2780/CDDP cell, A2780/CP70 cell, A2780/S cell, A3 cell, A31N-ts20 cell, A549-CR cell, A7 cell, A7r5 cell, Aag-2 cell, abdomen, abdominal adipose tissue, abdominal aorta, abdominal aorta aneurysm disease specific cell type, abdominal ganglion, abdominal muscle, abductor, abomasum, Abrams cell, AC2M2 cell, ACC-LC-319 cell, accessory olfactory bulb, accessory sex gland, ACH-2 cell, ACH-3P cell, ACHN cell, ACI-45 cell, ACT-1 cell, acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell, acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, acute myeloid leukemia cell, acute myeloid leukemia cell line, acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia cell, acute promyelocytic leukemia cell, adductor, adductor longus, adductor magnus, adenocarcinoma cell, adenocarcinoma cell line, adenohypophysis, adenohypophysis tumor cell, adenoid, adenoid cystic carcinoma cell, adenoma cell, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor cell, adenosquamous carcinoma cell, ADF cell, adipocyte, adipocyte cell line, adipose tissue, adipose-derived stem cell, adipose-derived stromal cell, adrenal adenoma cell, adrenal cortex, adrenal cortex cell line, adrenal cortex steroidogenic cell, adrenal gland, adrenal glomerulosa cell, adrenal medulla, adrenocortical carcinoma cell, adrenocortical carcinoma cell line, adrenocortical cell, adult liver stem cell, adult stem cell, adult T-cell lymphoma cell, adult T-cell lymphoma cell line, aerodigestive tract, AF22 cell, AF5 cell, agranular insular cortex, AGS cell, AHH-1 cell, AII amacrine cell, airway fluid, AK-D cell, albumen gland, alimentary canal, ALL-SIL cell, allantoic fluid, alpha-motoneuron, alpha-TC1.6 cell, alpha-TC1.9 cell, alphaT3-1 cell, alphaTN4-1 cell, ALVA-31 cell, ALVA-41 cell, alveolar bone, alveolar cell, alveolar cell type I, alveolar cell type II, alveolar epithelial cell, alveolar epithelial cell line, alveolar epithelium, alveolar macrophage, alveolar macrophage cell line, alveolar mucosa, alveolar sac, alveolar wall, alveolus, amacrine cell, amelanotic melanoma cell, ameloblast, ameloblastic layer, ameloblastoma cell, AML-12 cell, AML-193 cell, amniochorion, amniocyte, amnion, amnion epithelial cell, amnion epithelium, amnioserosa, amniotic cavity, amniotic fluid, amoebocyte, amoeboid microglia, amphidial gland, ampulla, amygdala, amyloid plaque, AN3CA cell, ANA-1 cell, anal canal, anal plate, anal sac, anaplastic astrocytoma cell, anaplastic large cell lymphoma cell, anaplastic oligodendroglioma cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer cell line, angioblast, angiomyolipoma cell, animal, annulus fibrosus, annulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis, anococcygeus muscle, antenna, antennal gland, antennal lobe, anterior chamber of the eye, anterior cingulate cortex, anterior commissure, anterior horn, anterior horn cell, anterior hypodermis, anterior lobe, anterior midgut, anterior olfactory nucleus, anterior silk gland, anterior visceral endoderm, antler, antral mucosa, antropyloric mucosa, anus, AOK-B50 cell, aorta, aorta cell line, aorta endothelium, aorta smooth muscle cell line, aorta thoracica, aorta thoracica smooth muscle, aortic adventitial fibroblast, aortic arch, aortic endothelial cell, aortic endothelial cell line, aortic intima, aortic smooth muscle, aortic smooth muscle cell, aortic valve, apocrine gland, apocrine sweat gland, AR4-2J cell, arachnoid barrier layer, arachnoid mater, arachnoid trabecula, archenteron, arcopallium, arcuate nucleus, area postrema, ARH-77 cell, ARL-15C1 cell, ARL-16T2 cell, arm, ARO cell, ARP-1 cell, ARPE cell, ARPE-19 cell, arrector pili muscle, arterial blood, arterial endothelial cell, arterial endothelium, arterial smooth muscle, arteriole, artery, artery wall, articular cartilage, AS-30D cell, ascites, ascites tumor cell, AsPC-1 cell, ASTC-a-1 cell, astroblast, astrocyte, astrocyte cell line, astrocytoma cell, astrocytoma cell line, astroglia, astroglial cell, asynchronous muscle, AT6.1 cell, ATDC-5 cell, atherosclerotic plaque, atrial appendage, atrial gland, atrioventricular node, atrium, ATRkd cell, AtT-20 cell, atypical ductal hyperplasia cell, AU-565 cell, auditory capsule, auditory cortex, auditory vesicle, autonomic nervous system, axial nerve cord, B-103 cell, B-12 cell, B-16 cell, B-50 cell, B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell, B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell, B-cell leukemia cell, B-cell lymphoma cell, B-cell lymphoma cell line, B-CPAP cell, B-lymphoblast, B-lymphoblast cell line, B-lymphoblastoid cell, B-lymphoblastoid cell line, B-lymphocyte, B-lymphocyte cell line, B16-BL6 cell, B16-F1 cell, B16-F10 cell, B16F10-Nex2 cell, B35 cell, B6SUtA1 cell, B6Tert-1 cell, B7E3 cell, B95-8 cell, BA/F3 cell, bacteriocyte, BAEC cell, bag cell neuron, BALB/3T12-3 cell, BALB/3T3 cell, BALB/3T3-T cell, BALL-1 cell, Barrett's epithelial cell line, Barrett's esophagus, basal cell, basal cell carcinoma cell, basal forebrain, basal ganglion, basal prostate epithelium cell, basal swimming muscle, basal telencephalon, basis pedunculi cerebri, basophil, basophilic leukemia cell, basophilic leukemia cell line, BBm cell, BC-1 cell, BC-2 cell, BC-3 cell, BC3H1 cell, BCBL-1 cell, BCIRL-HZ-AM1 cell, BCS-TC2 cell, BCWM.1 cell, BE(2)-M17 cell, BEAS-2B cell, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, BEL-7402 cell, BEL-7404 cell, BEL-7404-CP20 cell, BEN cell, BEN-MEN-1 cell, bEnd3 cell, benign prostatic hyperplasia cell, Bergmann fiber, Bergmanns glia, beta-TC3 cell, beta-TC6 cell, BeWo cell, BG-1 cell, BGC-823 cell, BHK 165-23 cell, BHK cell, BHK-21 cell, BHT-101 cell, BHY cell, BIC-1 cell, biceps, biceps brachii, biceps femoris, bile, bile canaliculus, bile duct, bile duct epithelium, biliary epithelial cell, biliary epithelium, bipolar cell, BJ cell, BJAB cell, BL-2 cell, BL-3 cell, BL-41 cell, BL-60 cell, bladder, bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell, bladder wall, blast cell, blastema, blastocyst, blastoderm, blastodisc, blastomere, blastopore, blastula, blood, blood cancer cell, blood clot, blood plasma, blood platelet, blood serum, blood vessel, blood vessel endothelium, blood vessel wall, blood-brain barrier, blood-lymph, BM-1604 cell, BM-314 cell, BM7 cell, BMC-2 cell, BMMC cell, BmN cell, BmN4 cell, BmN4-SID1 cell, BN17 cell, BNL CL.2 cell, BNL-HCC cell, body wall, body wall muscle, BON-1 cell, bone, bone cancer cell, bone cancer cell line, bone cell line, bone lining cell, bone marrow, bone marrow cell, bone marrow cell line, bone marrow stem cell, bone marrow stromal cell, bone marrow stromal cell line, bone marrow stromal stem cell, bone marrow-derived dendritic cell, bone marrow-derived macrophage, bone matrix, bony labyrinth, BOSC-23 cell, BP-ALL cell, BPAEC cell, BPH cell, BPH-1 cell, BPLER cell, brachial nerve, brain, brain cancer cell, brain cancer cell line, brain capillary endothelial cell, brain capillary endothelial cell line, brain capillary endothelium, brain cell line, brain cortex cell line, brain endothelial cell, brain endothelium, brain endothelium cell line, brain microvascular endothelial cell, brain microvessel endothelial cell, brain myelin, brain stem, brain ventricle, brain-corpora cardiaca-corpora allata complex, brainstem glioma cell, branchial arch, branchial crown, BRE-169 cell, BRE-80 cell, breast, breast adenocarcinoma cell line, breast cancer cell, breast cancer cell line, breast cancer stem cell, breast cell line, breast epithelial cell, breast epithelium, breast fibroadenoma cell, breast invasive ductal carcinoma cell, BRIN-BD11 cell, BRL cell, BRL-3A cell, Brockmann body, bronchial cancer cell, bronchial epithelial cell, bronchial epithelial cell line, bronchial epithelium, bronchial mucosa, bronchial smooth muscle, bronchial smooth muscle cell, bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell, bronchiolar epithelium, bronchiole, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, bronchoalveolar stem cell, bronchoalveolar system, bronchus, brood pouch, brown adipocyte, brown adipose tissue, Brown Pearce carcinoma cell, BSC-40 cell, BT-145 cell, BT-20 cell, BT-474 cell, BT-483 cell, BT-549 cell, buccal epithelial cell, buccal epithelium, buccal gland, buccal mass, buccal mucosa, buccal muscle, bud, bulbourethral gland, Burkitt lymphoma cell, Burkitt lymphoma cell line, bursa of Fabricius, BV-2 cell, BW-5147 cell, BW/T200- cell, BWZ.36 cell, BxPC-3 cell, byssus, byssus retractor muscle, C-10 cell, C-127 cell, C-1300 cell, C-2 cell, C-20/A4 cell, C-28/I2 cell, C-33A cell, C-3842 cell, C-4-I cell, C-643 cell, C-81 cell, C-8161 cell, C127I cell, C1R-B27 cell, C26-10 cell, C2C12 cell, C32-TG cell, C38 cell, C3H10T1/2 cell, C3H10T1/2 clone 8 cell, C57MG cell, C6 glioma cell, C6/36 cell, C666-1 cell, C8161.9 cell, C8PA cell, CA-46 cell, CA-HPV-10 cell, Ca9-22 cell, CABA I cell, CACO-2 cell, Caco-2/15 cell, Caco-2/AQ cell, Caco-2/BBe cell, Caco-2/TC7 cell, CAD cell, CAG cell, Caki-1 cell, Caki-2 cell, Caki-dTub cell, CAL-27 cell, CAL-33 cell, CAL-51 cell, CAL-62 cell, CAL-72 cell, calcaneal bone, Calu-1 cell, Calu-3 cell, Calu-6 cell, calvarium, CAMA-1 cell, cancellous bone, cancer stem cell, cancer-infiltrating inflammatory cell, CAOV-3 cell, CAPAN-1 cell, CAPAN-2 cell, capillary, capillary endothelial cell, capillary endothelium, capillary pericyte, caput epididymis, CaR-1 cell, carapace, carcinoid cell, carcinoma cell, carcinoma cell line, carcinosarcoma cell, cardia, cardiac microvascular endothelial cell, cardiac muscle, cardiac muscle fiber, cardiac Purkinje cell, cardiac Purkinje fiber, cardiac tube, cardiofibroblast, cardiomyoblast, cardiomyocyte cell line, cardiovascular system, carotid artery, carotid artery endothelial cell, carotid artery endothelium, carotid atherosclerotic plaque, carotid body, carotid sinus nerve, cartilage, CaSki cell, CATH.a cell, cauda epididymis, caudate nucleus, caudate putamen, caudolateral nidopallium, cavernous artery, cavum septum pellucidum, CB33 cell, CBRH-7919 cell, CCD-1095Sk cell, CCD-18Co cell, CCD-19LU cell, CCD-43Sk cell, CCD-841 cell, CCD-841-CoN cell, CCD-986Sk cell, CCE-24 cell, CCF-STTG1 cell, CCP-2 cell, CCP-7 cell, CCP-8 cell, CCRF-CEM cell, cecal epithelium, cecum, cecum mucosa, celiac ganglion, CEM-ADR5000 cell, CEM-VBL10 cell, CEM-VBL100 cell, cement gland, cEND cell, central amygdaloid nucleus, central nervous system, centrum semiovale, cephalothorax, cercaria, cerebellar cortex, cerebellar granule cell, cerebellar nucleus, cerebellar Purkinje cell, cerebellum, cerebral artery, cerebral cortex, cerebral cortical neuron, cerebral ganglion, cerebral giant cell, cerebral gray matter, cerebral gyrus, cerebral hemisphere, cerebral nucleus, cerebral organ, cerebral subcortex, cerebral white matter, cerebrospinal fluid, cerebrovascular cell, cerebrovascular endothelial cell, cerebrovascular endothelium, cerebrovascular system, cervical adenocarcinoma cell, cervical adenocarcinoma cell line, cervical canal, cervical cancer cell line, cervical carcinoma cell, cervical cell line, cervical epithelial cell, cervical epithelium, cervical ganglion, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia cell, cervical mucosa, cervical mucus, cervical spine, cervical squamous cell carcinoma cell, cervical squamous cell carcinoma cell line, cervicovaginal cell, cervicovaginal fluid, CESS cell, cestode, CFPAC-1 cell, CG-4 cell, CGL-2 cell, CGR-8 cell, CGTH-W1 cell, CH-27 cell, CH12.LX cell, CH12F3-2 cell, CH12F3-2A cell, ChaGo-K-1 cell, Chang cell, CHCY-1 cell, cheek, cheek pouch, chela, chemoreceptor cell, CHL-1 cell, CHLA-90 cell, chloragocyte, chloragogen cell, CHO cell, CHO-13-5-1 cell, CHO-6 cell, CHO-7 cell, CHO-91-47-67 cell, CHO-A7 cell, CHO-AA8 cell, CHO-CUR3 cell, CHO-EM9 cell, CHO-K1 cell, CHO-Lec4 cell, CHO-Lec8 cell, CHO-LY-B cell, CHO-MG cell, CHO-XRS6 cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell line, cholangiocyte, cholangioma cell, cholesteatoma tissue, cholinergic neuron, chondroblast, chondroblastoma cell, chondroclast, chondrocyte, chondrocyte cell line, chondrogenic cell, chondrogenic MCT cell, chondroma cell, chondrosarcoma cell, chondrosarcoma cell line, CHOP cell, chorioallantois, choriocarcinoma cell, choriocarcinoma cell line, choriodecidua, chorion, chorion frondosum, chorionic epithelium, chorionic plate, chorionic villus, choroid, choroid plexus, choroid plexus epithelium, choroid plexus papilloma cell, CHP-134 cell, CHRB-30 cell, chromaffin cell, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma cell, chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell, chronic myelogenous leukemia progenitor cell, chronic myeloid leukemia cell, chronic myeloid leukemia cell line, ciliary body, ciliary epithelium, ciliary muscle, cingulate cortex, cingulate gyrus, circular smooth muscle, circumventricular organ, CJ7 cell, CL-3 cell, Cl-66 cell, Cl-66M2 cell, CL1-0 cell, CL1-1 cell, CL1-5 cell, CL1-5 Fut8-KD cell, CL1-5-F4 cell, Clara cell, claustrum, claw, claw muscle, clear cell adenocarcinoma cell, clitoral gland, clitoral smooth muscle, clitoris, CME-1 cell, CMK cell, CMK-86 cell, CMT-167 cell, CMT-93 cell, CMT93/69 cell, CN1.4 cell, CNE-1 cell, CNE-2 cell, cnidoblast, Co-403 cell, coagulating gland, cochlea, cochlear duct, cochlear ganglion, cochlear hair cell, coelom, coelomic fluid, coelomocyte, COGA-13 cell, COGA-1A cell, Col-1 cell, Col-2 cell, collecting duct, collecting duct cell line, colleterial gland, COLO-16 cell, Colo-201 cell, Colo-205 cell, Colo-320 cell, COLO-357 cell, colon, Colon 26-L5 cell, colon ascendens, colon descendens, colon muscle, colon sigmoideum, colon transversum, Colon-26 cell, colonic adenocarcinoma cell, colonic adenocarcinoma cell line, colonic adenoma cell, colonic cancer cell, colonic cancer cell line, colonic cell line, colonic epithelial cell, colonic epithelium, colonic epithelium cell line, colonic mucosa, colonic mucosa cell, colonic neoplasm cell, colonocyte, colorectal adenocarcinoma cell, colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line, colorectal adenoma cell, colorectal cancer cell, colorectal cancer cell line, colorectal mucosa, colorectum, colostrum, columnar cell, columnella muscle, COM-3 cell, common penile artery, compound eye, conceptus, conjunctiva, conjunctival epithelium, connecting tubule, connecting tubule cell, connective tissue, Cor-1 cell, cord blood stem cell, cornea, corneal epithelial cell, corneal epithelium, corneal fibroblast cell line, corneocyte, cornu ammonis, coronary artery, coronary artery endothelial cell, coronary artery smooth muscle, coronary artery smooth muscle cell, coronary artery smooth muscle cell line, coronary atherosclerotic plaque, corpora quadrigemina, corpus albicans, corpus allatum, corpus amylaceum, corpus callosum, corpus cardiacum, corpus cavernosum, corpus cavernosum clitoridis, corpus cavernosum penis, corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, corpus epididymis, corpus luteum, corpus striatum, cortical collecting duct, cortical collecting duct cell, corticospinal tract, corticotropic cell, COS cell, COS-1 cell, COS-31 cell, COS-7 cell, cranial ganglion, cranial nerve, craniofacial bone, craniofacial region, cranium, crop, crypt, crystalline style, CSM14.1 cell, CT-26 cell, ctenidium, CTLL-2 cell, cumulus-oocyte complex, cuticle, cuvierian tubule, CV-1 cell, CW-2 cell, CWR-22 cell, CWR22-Rv1 cell, CX-1 cell, cyst, cystadenoma cell, cystic fibrosis disease specific cell type, cysticercus, cystocyte, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte cell line, cytotrophoblast, cytotrophoblastic cell, D-283MED cell, D-407 cell, D-54MG cell, D1-HEK-293 cell, D17 cell, Daltons lymphoma ascites, Daltons lymphoma ascites cell, Daltons lymphoma cell, Dami cell, DAOY cell, DAUDI cell, DB-1 cell, DC-3F cell, DC-3F/9-OH-E cell, DC-3F/ADX cell, DDT1-MF-2 cell, decidua, decidua basalis, decidua parietalis, decidual cell, decidual stromal cell, deciduoma cell, dendritic cell, dental follicle, dental lamina, dental papilla, dental plaque, dental pulp, dentate granule cell, dentate gyrus, dentin, dermal dendritic cell, dermal fibroblast, dermal microvascular endothelial cell, dermal papilla, dermatofibroma cell, dermatofibroma cell line, dermatome, dermis, Detroit-551 cell, detrusor, deutocerebrum, DG-75 cell, DHL-9 cell, diagonal band, diaphragm, diencephalon, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell line, digestive cell, digestive gland, digestive juice, distal tip, DKC-8 cell, DLD-1 cell, DLD-1/alpha-cat cell, DM-4 cell, DMS-114 cell, DMS-53 cell, Do11.10 cell, DON cell, dopaminergic neuron, dopaminergic system, dorsal aorta, dorsal endoderm, dorsal fin, dorsal raphe nucleus, dorsal striatum, dorsum, DOV-13 cell, DPK-SKDF-H cell, Drosophila D17 cell, DT-40 3KO cell, DT-40 cell, DU-145 cell, Dunn cell, duodenal gland, duodenal juice, duodenal mucosa, duodenum, DuPro cell, dura mater, E-18 rat primary hippocampal neuron, EAhy 926 cell, ear, EB-1 cell, EBC-1 cell, EBTr (NBL-4) cell, EBV-B cell, EBV-LCL cell, EC-18 cell, EC-9706 cell, Eca-109 cell, ECC-1 cell, eccrine sweat gland, ECRF cell, ectoderm, ectoplacental cone, ECV-304 cell, Edinger-Westphal nucleus, EFM-19 cell, EFO-27 cell, egg, egg white, egg yolk, eggshell, EHEB cell, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cell, EJ-1 cell, EJ-138 cell, ejaculatory duct, ejaculatory duct epithelium, EKVX cell, EL-4 cell, electric organ, electrocyte, ELT-3 cell, elytron, embryo, embryoid body, embryonic blood, embryonic brain, embryonic carcinoma cell, embryonic carcinoma cell line, embryonic cell line, embryonic fibroblast, embryonic fibroblast cell line, embryonic germ cell, embryonic hippocampal cell line, embryonic kidney cell line, embryonic neural stem cell, embryonic stem cell, embryonic stem cell line, embryonic syncytium, embryonic tracheal system, empyema fluid, EMT-6 cell, enamel epithelium, enamel organ, endocardium, endocervix, endochondral bone, endocrine gland, endocrine pancreas, endoderm, endogenous progenitor cell, endometrial cancer cell line, endometrial cell line, endometrial gland, endometrial glandular epithelium, endometrial luminal epithelium, endometrial spiral artery, endometrial stromal cell, endometrioid carcinoma cell, endometrioma cell, endomysium, endopeduncular nucleus, endostyle, endothelial cell, endothelial cell line, endothelial progenitor cell, endothelioma cell, endothelioma cell line, endothelium, enteric muscle, enteric nervous system, enteric neuron, enterochromaffin-like cell, enterocyte, enteroendocrine cell, entorhinal area, entorhinal cortex, EOC-13.31 cell, EoL-1 cell, EOMA cell, EONT cell, eosinophil, eosinophilic leukemia cell, eosinophilic leukemia cell line, eosinophilic myelocyte, ependymal epithelium, ependymocyte, ependymoma cell, ephyra, epiblast, epibranchial ganglion, epicuticle, epidermal cell, epidermal cell line, epidermal stem cell, epidermis, epididymal clear cell, epididymal epithelium, epididymal fluid, epididymal white adipose tissue, epididymis, epiglottis, epineurium, epiphyseal growth plate, epiphysis, epipodite, epithalamus, epithelial cell, epithelial cell line, epithelial lining fluid, epithelial ovarian cancer cell, epithelial stem cell, epitheliocyte, epithelioma cell, epithelium, epitheloid cell, epitrochlearis, epitrochlearis muscle, ER-1 cell, ERpP cell, erythroblast, erythrocyte, erythroid cell, erythroid progenitor cell, erythroleukemia cell, erythroleukemia cell line, ES-2 cell, ES-D3 cell, ES-E14 cell, esophageal adenocarcinoma cell, esophageal cancer cell, esophageal cancer cell line, esophageal epithelial cell, esophageal epithelium, esophageal gland, esophageal mucosa, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell line, esophageal squamous epithelium, esophagus, EUE cell, Ewing's family tumor cell, Ewing's sarcoma cell, excretory canal cell, excretory duct, excretory duct cell, excretory gland, excretory system, exocrine acinar cell, exocrine gland, exocrine glandular secretion, exocrine pancreas, exocuticle, extensor, extensor digitorum brevis, extensor digitorum communis, extensor digitorum longus, external carotid artery, external iliac artery, extraocular muscle, extrastriate cortex, extravillous cytotrophoblast, extravillous trophoblast, extravillous trophoblast cell, eye, eye cancer cell, eyelid, eyestalk, F-9 cell, F28-7 cell, F5 meningioma cell, F9-12 cell, FAA-HTC1 cell, FaDu cell, Fanconi anemia disease specific cell type, Fanconi anemia lymphoid cell line, FAO cell, fascia, fascia dentata, fast muscle, fast twitch muscle fiber, fat body, fat pad, FAZA cell, FB-1 cell, Fcwf-4 cell, FD-1 cell, FD105 cell, FDCP-Mix cl.A4 cell, feather, feather bud, feces, female accessory gland, female pudendum, female reproductive system, female urethra, femoral artery, femoral muscle, femorotibial joint, femur, FEPD cell, fetal cell line, fetal membrane, fetal serum, fetus, FG-9307 cell, FHC cell, FHCC-98 cell, fibre tract, fibrillar flight muscle, fibroadenoma cell, fibroblast, fibroblast cell line, fibroblast-like synoviocyte, fibrocarcinoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell line, fibula, filopodium, fin, FISK cell, FL cell, FL-18 cell, FL-218 cell, FL5.12 cell, FL83B cell, flexor, flexor digitorum longus, flexor digitorum profundus, flexor tendon, flight muscle, FLK cell, FLO-1 cell, floor plate, FM-516-SV cell, FM3A cell, FO-1 cell, foam cell, follicular adenoma cell, follicular dendritic cell, follicular dendritic cell line, follicular fluid, follicular lymphoma cell, follicular lymphoma cell line, follicular stem cell, follicular thyroid cancer cell, FOM71 cell, FOM78 cell, foot, foot muscle, foot sole, foramen magnum, forearm, forebrain, foregut, foreleg, forelimb, forelimb muscle, foreskin fibroblast cell line, forestomach, fourth ventricle, FPMI-CF-203 cell, Friend erythroleukemia cell line, frontal gland, frontal lobe, frontoparietal cortex, FRTL-5 cell, FTC-133 cell, FTC-236 cell, FTO-2B cell, fundic mucosa, G cell, G-292 cell, G-361 cell, G-401 cell, G-402 cell, G3/F11 cell, gall bladder, gall bladder cancer cell, gall bladder epithelium, gametocyte, GaMG cell, gamma delta T-lymphocyte, gamma-motoneuron, ganglion, ganglion cell layer, ganglioneuroma cell, garland cell, gas bladder, gastric adenocarcinoma cell, gastric adenocarcinoma cell line, gastric antrum, gastric cancer cell, gastric cancer cell line, gastric cell line, gastric corpus, gastric corpus mucosa, gastric epithelial cell, gastric epithelium, gastric epithelium cell line, gastric fundus, gastric gland, gastric juice, gastric mucosa, gastric pit, gastric ulcer, gastrinoma cell, gastrocnemius, gastrodermis, gastroduodenal mucosa, gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma cell, gastroesophageal cancer cell, gastroesophageal junction, gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma cell, gastrointestinal cancer cell, gastrointestinal endocrine cell, gastrointestinal mucosa, gastrointestinal smooth muscle, gastrointestinal stromal tumor cell, gastrointestinal tract, gastrula, GBC-SD cell, GBM-8401 cell, GC-1 spg cell, GC-2 cell, GE-11 cell, genital mucosa, genital primordium, germ, germ cell, germ cell cancer cell, germ layer, germarium, germinal center, germinal disc, germinal epithelium, GES-1 cell, GH3 cell, GH4-C1 cell, GI-102 cell, GI-LA-N cell, giant cell carcinoma cell, gill, gill arch, gill filament, gill raker, gingiva, gingival epithelium, gingival fibroblast, gingival fluid, gizzard, gizzard smooth muscle, GL-261 cell, gland, glandular epithelium, glandular stomach, GLC-4 cell, GLC-4/ADR cell, GLC-82 cell, glia, glial cell, glial cell line, glioblastoma cell, glioblastoma cell line, glioblastoma multiforme cancer stem cell, glioblastoma multiforme cell, glioblastoma multiforme cell line, glioma cell, glioma cell line, glioma sphere-forming cell, glioma stem cell, globoid cell, globus pallidus, glomerular endothelial cell, glomerular endothelium, glomerular epithelium, glomerular layer, glomerular macrophage, glomus cell, glossopharyngeal nerve, glottis, gluteal muscle, GM-12878 cell, GM-3299 cell, GM-95 cell, GM00037 cell, GM00637 cell, GM01492 cell, GM01617 cell, GM02037 cell, GM03440 cell, GM0536 cell, GN5 cell, goblet cell, gonad, gonadal sheath cell, gonadotrophic cell, gonocyte, GOTO cell, GP-202 cell, GP6 cell, gracilis muscle, granular insular cortex, granulation tissue, granule cell, granule cell layer, granulocyte, granulosa cell, granulosa cell line, great saphenous vein, groin, GRX cell, GSC11 cell, GT-38 cell, GT-39 cell, GT1-1 cell, GT1-7 cell, gubernaculum testis, gut, gut epithelium, gut juice, gut mucosa, gut wall, gynecophoral canal, H-10 cell, H-414 cell, H-59 cell, H-650 cell, H-69AR cell, H2.35 cell, H273 cell, H4 neuroglioma cell, H4-APP751 cell, H4-C99 cell, H4-II-E-C3 cell, H4TG cell, H9c2 cell, HA22T/VGH cell, habenula, habenular nucleus, HAC cell, HaCa-4 cell, HaCaT cell, HaCaT II-4 cell, HAE cell, HaEpi cell, hair, hair cell, hair follicle, hair follicle bulge stem cell, hair follicle epithelium, hair follicle inner root sheath, hair follicle outer root sheath, hair root, hairy cell leukemia cell, hallux, HAoAF cell, HAP-1 cell, harderian gland, hatching gland, hatching liquid, HB1.F3 cell, HB4a cell, HB611 cell, HBE cell, HBE-1 cell, HBE135-E6E7 cell, HBEpC cell, HBL-1 cell, HBL-10 cell, HBL-100 cell, HBL-11 cell, HBL-2 cell, HBL-3 cell, HBL-4 cell, HBL-5 cell, HBL-52 cell, HBL-6 cell, HBL-7 cell, HBL-8 cell, HBL-9 cell, HBMEC cell, HC-11 cell, HC11-C24 cell, HCA-7 cell, Hca-F cell, Hca-P cell, HCAEC cell, HCC-1171 cell, HCC-1395 cell, HCC-1438 cell, HCC-1500 cell, HCC-1569 cell, HCC-1806 cell, HCC-1833 cell, HCC-1937 cell, HCC-1954 cell, HCC-2279 cell, HCC-2935 cell, HCC-2998 cell, HCC-33 cell, HCC-38 cell, HCC-4006 cell, HCC-70 cell, HCC-827 cell, HCC-94 cell, HCC-95 cell, HCCLM-3 cell, HCCLM-9 cell, HCE cell, HCE-4 cell, HCE-7 cell, HCE-T cell, HCFMK-1 cell, HCM cell, HCMEC cell, HCMEC/D3 cell, HCN-1A cell, HCN-2 cell, HCT-116 cell, HCT-15 cell, HCT-8 cell, HD-11 cell, head, head and neck cancer cell, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell line, head kidney, head muscle, headfoot, headfoot muscle, heart, heart endothelial cell, heart primordium, heart valve, heart ventricle, HEC-1-A cell, HEC-1-B cell, HEI-193 cell, HEI-OC1 cell, HEK-293 cell, HEK-293 PEAKrapid cell, HEK-293 Tet-On 3G cell, HEK-293-APPswe cell, HEK-293-AT1 cell, HEK-293-EBNA cell, HEK-293A cell, HEK-293B2 cell, HEK-293F cell, HEK-293FT cell, HEK-293H cell, HEK-293S cell, HEK-293T cell, HEK-293VnR cell, HEK-AD293 cell, HEKa cell, HEL cell, HeLa cell, HeLa GFP-histone H2B cell, HeLa-229 cell, HeLa-80 cell, HeLa-MAGI cell, HeLa-MAGI-CCR5 cell, HeLa-S3 cell, HELF cell, helper T-lymphocyte, hemangioendothelioma cell line, hematopoietic cell, hematopoietic cell line, hematopoietic stem cell, hematopoietic system, HEMn cell, hemocyte, hemolymph, hemolymph vessel, hemolysate, Henles loop, HEp-2 cell, HEp-3 cell, HEP-3B cell, Hep-G2 cell, Hep-G2/2.15 cell, HEP-G2/2.2.1 cell, Hep-G2/ADM cell, Hep-G2/C3A cell, Hep3B-c1 cell, HEPA 1-6 cell, Hepa-1 cell, Hepa-1c1c7 cell, Hepa-RG cell, HepAD38 cell, hepatic artery, hepatic cecum, hepatic oval cell, hepatic primordium, hepatic stellate cell, hepatic stellate cell line, hepatobiliary carcinoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell line, hepatocyte, hepatoma ascites cell, hepatoma ascites cell line, hepatoma cell, hepatoma cell line, hepatoma HLE cell, hepatopancreas, HepG2-VL17A cell, hESC cell, HET-1A cell, HEY cell, HEY-1B cell, HEY-A8 cell, HF-19 cell, HF-2303 cell, HFF-1 cell, HFF2/T cell, HFK cell, HFL-1 cell, hFOB 1.19 cell, HGC-27 cell, HGEC cell, HGF cell, HHL-5 cell, HIB-1B cell, HIG-82 cell, high endothelial venule, high vocal center, hindbrain, hindgut, hindleg, hindlimb, hip joint, HIPEC-65 cell, hippocampal cell line, hippocampal mossy fiber, hippocampal pyramidal layer, hippocampus, hiPSC cell, histaminergic neuron, histiocyte, histiocytic lymphoma cell, HIT-T15 cell, HITC6 cell, HK-1 cell, HK-2 cell, HKE-3 cell, HKESC-1 cell, HKESC-2 cell, HKiG2 cell, HL-1 cell, HL-60 (TB) cell, HL-60 cell, HL-60/MX-2 cell, HL-60/Vinc cell, HL-7702 cell, HL1C cell, HL60/ADR cell, HLaC-78 cell, HLCC cell, HLE-B3 cell, HLEC-SRA 01/04 cell, HMB-2 cell, HMC cell, HMC-1 cell, HMCB cell, HME cell, HMEC-1 cell, HMEC-1330 cell, HMEEC cell, HMEpC cell, HML-Gb3 cell, HMLER cell, HMPOS cell, HMT-3522 cell, HMT-3522 S1 cell, HMT-3522 T4-2 cell, HMV-II cell, HMVEC cell, HMVEC-dLy cell, HN-30 cell, HN9.10e cell, HNE-1 cell, HO-1 cell, HO-1-N-1 cell, HO-1-u-1 cell, HO-8910 cell, HO-8910PM, HOB-c cell, HOG cell, HONE-1 cell, honey sac, hoof lamina, HOP-62 cell, HOP-92 cell, horizontal cell, HOS cell, HOSE 11-12 cell, HOSE 17-1 cell, HOSE 6-3 cell, HOSE cell, HOSE-B cell, HPAC cell, HPAEC cell, HPAF-2 cell, HPB-ALL cell, HPDE6-C7 cell, HPEC cell, HPENC cell, HPK1A-ras cell, HPL1D cell, HPMEC cell, hPSC cell, HR-3Y1 cell, HRA cell, HRT-18 cell, Hs 925.T cell, Hs-27 cell, HS-294T cell, HS-5 cell, Hs-578T cell, HS-68 cell, HS-683 cell, HS-74 cell, HS-766T cell, Hs888Lu cell, HSC-1 cell, HSC-180 cell, HSC-2 cell, HSC-3 cell, HSC-4 cell, HSC-T6 cell, HSCC cell, HSDM1C1 cell, HSVEC cell, HT-1080 cell, HT-115 cell, HT-1197 cell, HT-1376 cell, HT-144 cell, HT-168 cell, HT-2 cell, HT-22 cell, HT-29 cell, HT-29-MTX cell, HT-29/219 cell, HTAU cell, HTC cell, HTC-4 cell, HTC-C3 cell, HTD-114 cell, hTERT-HPNE cell, hTERT-RPE1 cell, HTh-7 cell, HTh-74 cell, HTOXAR-3 cell, HTR-8 cell, HTR-8/SVneo cell, HUAEC cell, HUASMC cell, HUC-1 cell, HuCCT-1 cell, HuH-1 cell, HuH-6 cell, HuH-7 cell, Huh-7.5 cell, Huh-7.5.1 cell, Huma-7 cell, human amniotic epithelial cell, human aortic endothelial cell, human bone marrow endothelial cell line, human brain microvascular endothelial cell, human iliac artery endothelial cell, human lens epithelial cell line, Human-7 cell, HuMMEC cell, Hunter's organ, HuO-3N1 cell, HUP-T3 cell, HUT-78 cell, HuTu-80 cell, HUVE-12 cell, HUVEC cell, HVEC cell, hybridoma cell, hybridoma cell line, hyperpallium, hyperpallium apicale, hypobranchial, hypodermal seam cell, hypodermis, hypoglossal nerve, hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, hypopharynx, hypophysis, hypothalamic nucleus, hypothalamus, I 9.2 cell, I-cell, IB3-1 cell, IC-21 cell, IDH4 cell, IEC-18 cell, IEC-6 cell, IEC-CF7 cell, IGR-3 cell, IGR-37 cell, IGROV-1 cell, IHH cell, IIC9 cell, ileal carcinoid cell, ileal lavage fluid, ileal mucosa, ileocecum, ileostomal fluid, ileum, ileum smooth muscle, iliopsoas muscle, IM-9 cell, imaginal disc, IMCD cell, IME cell, IMEC cell, immature ovarian follicle, immune system, implantation fossa, IMR-32 cell, IMR-5 cell, IMR-90 cell, IN-2045 cell, IN-859 cell, INA-6 cell, incisor, INER-37 cell, INER-51/PSC-1 cell, infectious granuloma cell, inferior frontal gyrus, inferior mesenteric artery, inferior mesenteric vein, inferior olivary complex, inferior olivary nucleus, inferior vena cava, inflammatory cell, infralimbic cortex, infundibular nucleus, infundibulum, ingluvial ganglion, inguinal canal, ink, ink gland, ink sac, inner ear, inner ear vestibulum, inner hair cell, inner mantle, inner medullary collecting duct, inner medullary collecting duct cell, inner nuclear layer, inner plexiform layer, INS-1 823/13 cell, INS-1 cell, INS-1E cell, insect tracheal system, insular cortex, insulinoma cell, integument, interalveolar septum, intercalated cell, intercostal muscle, interdigit, interdigitating reticulum cell, internal capsule, internal carotid artery, internal iliac artery, internal secretion, interneuron, interphotoreceptor matrix, interrenal cell, interrenal gland, intersegmental muscle, interstitial cell, interstitial macrophage, interventricular septum, intervertebral disc, intestinal cancer cell, intestinal cancer cell line, intestinal cell line, intestinal epithelial cell, intestinal epithelium, intestinal juice, intestinal mucosa, intestinal muscle, intestinal stem cell, intestinal wall, intestine, Intestine-407 cell, intramuscular adipose tissue, invasive breast apocrine carcinoma cell, invertebrate maxilla, IOMM-Lee cell, IOSE-397 cell, IOSE-398 cell, IPA-220 cell, IPEC-J2 cell, IR-8 cell, iris, iris dilator muscle, iris smooth muscle, iris sphincter muscle, Ishikawa cell, IT-79MTNC3 cell, J-774 cell, J-774.1 cell, J-774A.1 cell, J-82 cell, J-96 cell, J.CaM1.6 cell, J5 hepatoma cell, J7 hepatoma cell, J774.2 cell, JAR cell, Jar-GnT4a cell, jaw, JB6 cell, JB6 Cl41 cell, JC cell, JEG-3 cell, jejunal epithelium, jejunal mucosa, jejunum, Jeko-1 cell, JHU-011 cell, JHU-028 cell, JIMT-1 cell, JJ012 cell, JJ012-TS4 cell, Johnston's organ, joint, jugular vein, junctional zone, JURKAT cell, JURKAT E-6.1 cell, juxtaglomerular apparatus, juxtaglomerular cell, juxtaglomerular tumor cell, JVM-3 cell, JY cell, K-1 cell, K-457 cell, K-562 cell, K-562/CP cell, K-562/R7 cell, K-562adr cell, K-562R cell, K6H6/B5 cell, K7M2-WT cell, Kaposi's sarcoma cell, KARPAS-299 cell, KARPAS-422 cell, Kasumi-1 cell, KAT-18 cell, KATO-III cell, KB cell, KB-3-1 cell, KB-C2 cell, KB-CP.5 cell, KB-CP20 cell, KB-V1 cell, KBH5.0 cell, KBM-5 cell, KBM-7 cell, KBv200 cell, Kc cell, KCL-22 cell, KE-37 cell, KEL-FIB cell, KELLY cell, keloid, Kenyon cell, kerathoacanthoma cell, keratinocyte, keratinocyte cell line, keratocyst, keratocyte, KG-1 cell, KG-1A cell, KGN cell, kidney, kidney cancer cell, kidney cell line, KIJ-265T cell, KIJ-308T cell, KJ29 cell, KK-47 cell, KKU-100 cell, KKU-M139 cell, KLE cell, KLN205 cell, KM-12 cell, KM-12C cell, KM-20C cell, KM-3 cell, KM-H2 cell, KMBC cell, KMS-11 cell, KMS-12-BM cell, KMS-26 cell, KMST-6 cell, knee, KNS-42 cell, Kobayashi cell, KOC-7C cell, KOPT-K1 cell, KOSC-2 cell, KP-1N cell, KP-2 cell, KP-N-YN cell, KR-4 cell, Krebs ascites cell, Krebs II ascites cell, KRIB cell, KS-IMM cell, KU-1 cell, KU-7 cell, KU-812 cell, KU-812F cell, Kupffer cell, Kurloff cell, KYSE-140 cell, KYSE-150 cell, KYSE-30 cell, L-1210 cell, L-363 cell, L-428 cell, L-5178-Y cell, L-540 cell, L-6 myoblast cell, L-929 cell, L-Wnt-3A cell, L3-5-3 cell, L3.3 cell, L3.6pl cell, L56Br-C1 cell, L57-3-11 cell, L6E9 cell, L87/4 cell, L88/5 cell, LA1-55n cell, labial gland, labial palp, labyrinthine zone, lacrimal gland acinar cell, lacteal cyst, LAD-2 cell, LAMA-84 cell, lamina propria, LAN-1 cell, LAN-5 cell, Langerhans cell, lantern muscle, LAPC-4 cell, large cell carcinoma cell, large cell lung cancer cell line, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma cell, large granular lymphocyte, large intestine, large luteal cell, larva, larval cell line, larval integument, laryngeal cancer cell, laryngeal cancer cell line, laryngeal cartilage, laryngeal muscle, laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell line, larynx, lateral dorsal nucleus, lateral entorhinal cortex, lateral geniculate body, lateral geniculate nucleus, lateral habenular nucleus, lateral hypothalamus, lateral mammillary nucleus, lateral nerve cord, lateral posterior nucleus, lateral septal area, lateral ventricle, lateral vestibular nucleus, laterodorsal tegmental nucleus, laterodorsal thalamic nucleus, LbetaT2 cell, LC-2/ad cell, LC-540 cell, LCL-721 cell, Lec15.1 CHO cell, left atrium, left colon, left middle cerebral artery, left ventricle, leg, leg muscle, leiomyoma cell, leiomyosarcoma cell, lens, lens cortex, lens epithelial cell line, lens epithelium, lens fiber, lens nucleus, leptomeninx, leukemia cell, leukemia cell line, leukemic stem cell, leukocyte, Lewis lung carcinoma cell, Lewis lung carcinoma cell line, lewy body, Leydig cell, Leydig cell line, Leydig cell tumor cell, LF2 cell, LH-86 cell, LHCN-M2 cell, LI90 cell, LiM-6 cell, LIM1215 cell, LIM1863 cell, LIM2412 cell, limb, limb bud, limbic system, lip, lip epithelium, liposarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell line, liver, liver cancer cell, liver cancer stem cell, liver cell line, liver epithelial cell line, liver sinusoidal endothelial cell, LK-63 cell, LK-87 cell, LL24 cell, LLC-PK-1-GR101 cell, LLC-PK1 cell, LLC-WRC 256 cell, LN-18 cell, LN-229 cell, LN-235 cell, LN-319 cell, LN-340 cell, LN-382 cell, LN-428 cell, LN-443 cell, LN-444 cell, LN-464 cell, LN-71 cell, LNCaP cell, LNCaP clone FGC, LNCaP-17 cell, LNCaP-34 cell,