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11-9-1-4 cell, 1102 cell, 1182 cell, 1205-Lu cell, 1290-2 cell, 16-HBE14o cell, 1682-A cell, 1704 cell, 184A1N4 cell, 1BR3.G cell, 1F6 cell, 1HAEo cell, 212LN cell, 250MK cell, 253J laval cell, 253J-BV cell, 2BN cell, 38E6E7HFK cell, 46BRLigI cell, 4T1 cell, 4TO7 cell, 5-8F cell, 5637 cell, 6-10B cell, 6DT1 cell, 76NF2V cell, 95D cell, A-2058 cell, A-375 cell, A-375.S2 cell, A-375SM cell, A-427 cell, A-431 cell, A-549 cell, A-716 cell, A-875 cell, A549-CR cell, AC2M2 cell, ACC-LC-319 cell, adenocarcinoma cell, adenocarcinoma cell line, adenoma cell, adenosquamous carcinoma cell, adrenal adenoma cell, AGS cell, alphaTN4-1 cell, alveolar epithelial cell line, alveolar mucosa, amelanotic melanoma cell, ameloblast, ameloblastoma cell, AN3CA cell, anal plate, anterior hypodermis, antral mucosa, antropyloric mucosa, aorta endothelium, aortic endothelial cell, aortic endothelial cell line, AR4-2J cell, ARL-16T2 cell, ARPE cell, ARPE-19 cell, arrector pili muscle, arterial endothelial cell, AS-30D cell, AsPC-1 cell, ASTC-a-1 cell, atypical ductal hyperplasia cell, AU-565 cell, B-16 cell, B16-BL6 cell, B16-F1 cell, B16-F10 cell, B16F10-Nex2 cell, B7E3 cell, BAEC cell, basal cell, basal cell carcinoma cell, basal prostate epithelium cell, BEAS-2B cell, BEL-7402 cell, BEL-7404 cell, BEL-7404-CP20 cell, BEN cell, beta-TC3 cell, beta-TC6 cell, BG-1 cell, BGC-823 cell, BHY cell, bile duct epithelium, biliary epithelial cell, biliary epithelium, BJ cell, bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell, BM7 cell, BON-1 cell, BPAEC cell, BPLER cell, brain microvascular endothelial cell, BRE-169 cell, breast adenocarcinoma cell line, breast cancer cell, breast cancer cell line, breast epithelial cell, breast epithelium, breast fibroadenoma cell, breast invasive ductal carcinoma cell, bronchial epithelial cell, bronchial epithelial cell line, bronchial epithelium, bronchial mucosa, bronchioalveolar carcinoma cell, bronchiolar epithelium, Brown Pearce carcinoma cell, BT-20 cell, BT-474 cell, BT-483 cell, BT-549 cell, buccal epithelial cell, buccal epithelium, buccal mucosa, BxPC-3 cell, C-10 cell, C-127 cell, C-4-I cell, C-8161 cell, C127I cell, C32-TG cell, C38 cell, C666-1 cell, C8161.9 cell, CAL-27 cell, CAL-33 cell, CAL-51 cell, Calu-1 cell, Calu-3 cell, Calu-6 cell, CAMA-1 cell, CAOV-3 cell, CAPAN-1 cell, CAPAN-2 cell, carapace, carcinoid cell, carcinoma cell, carcinoma cell line, carcinosarcoma cell, cardiac microvascular endothelial cell, carotid artery endothelial cell, carotid artery endothelium, CBRH-7919 cell, CCD-1095Sk cell, CCD-43Sk cell, CCD-841 cell, CCD-986Sk cell, cecum mucosa, cerebrovascular endothelial cell, cerebrovascular endothelium, cervical adenocarcinoma cell, cervical adenocarcinoma cell line, cervical epithelial cell, cervical epithelium, cervical mucosa, cervical squamous cell carcinoma cell, cervical squamous cell carcinoma cell line, CFPAC-1 cell, CGL-2 cell, CH-27 cell, ChaGo-K-1 cell, Chang cell, CHL-1 cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell, cholangiocarcinoma cell line, cholangiocyte, cholangioma cell, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma cell, ciliary epithelium, CL-3 cell, Cl-66 cell, Cl-66M2 cell, CL1-0 cell, CL1-1 cell, CL1-5 cell, CL1-5 Fut8-KD cell, CL1-5-F4 cell, clear cell adenocarcinoma cell, CMT-167 cell, CMT93/69 cell, CNE-1 cell, CNE-2 cell, cnidoblast, COLO-16 cell, COLO-357 cell, colonic adenocarcinoma cell, colonic adenoma cell, colonic epithelial cell, colonic epithelium, colonic epithelium cell line, colonic mucosa, colonic mucosa cell, colorectal adenocarcinoma cell, colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line, colorectal adenoma cell, colorectal mucosa, columnar cell, corneocyte, coronary artery endothelial cell, cuticle, CW-2 cell, cystadenoma cell, D-407 cell, DB-1 cell, decidua, decidua basalis, decidua parietalis, decidual cell, decidual stromal cell, deciduoma cell, dermal dendritic cell, dermal fibroblast, dermal microvascular endothelial cell, dermal papilla, dermatofibroma cell, dermatofibroma cell line, dermis, Detroit-551 cell, DM-4 cell, DMS-114 cell, DMS-53 cell, DPK-SKDF-H cell, duodenal mucosa, EAhy 926 cell, EBC-1 cell, EC-18 cell, Eca-109 cell, ECC-1 cell, ECRF cell, ECV-304 cell, EFM-19 cell, EFO-27 cell, Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cell, EJ-1 cell, EJ-138 cell, ejaculatory duct epithelium, EKVX cell, EMT-6 cell, endometrial cancer cell line, endometrial cell line, endometrial gland, endometrial glandular epithelium, endometrial luminal epithelium, endometrial spiral artery, endometrial stromal cell, endometrioid carcinoma cell, endometrioma cell, endothelial cell, endothelial cell line, endothelioma cell, endothelioma cell line, endothelium, enterochromaffin-like cell, enterocyte, ependymal epithelium, ependymocyte, ependymoma cell, epicuticle, epidermal cell, epidermal cell line, epidermis, epithelial cell, epithelial cell line, epithelial lining fluid, epitheliocyte, epithelioma cell, epithelium, ER-1 cell, ERpP cell, esophageal adenocarcinoma cell, esophageal epithelial cell, esophageal epithelium, esophageal mucosa, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell, esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell line, esophageal squamous epithelium, EUE cell, exocuticle, F28-7 cell, FAA-HTC1 cell, FaDu cell, FAO cell, FAZA cell, FD-1 cell, feather, FHCC-98 cell, fibroadenoma cell, FL cell, FM-516-SV cell, FM3A cell, FO-1 cell, follicular adenoma cell, FOM71 cell, FOM78 cell, foreskin fibroblast cell line, FTO-2B cell, G cell, G-361 cell, gall bladder epithelium, gastric adenocarcinoma cell, gastric adenocarcinoma cell line, gastric corpus mucosa, gastric epithelial cell, gastric epithelium, gastric epithelium cell line, gastric gland, gastric juice, gastric mucosa, gastric pit, gastric ulcer, gastroduodenal mucosa, gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma cell, gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma cell, gastrointestinal mucosa, genital mucosa, germinal epithelium, GES-1 cell, giant cell carcinoma cell, glandular epithelium, GLC-4 cell, GLC-4/ADR cell, GLC-82 cell, glomerular endothelial cell, glomerular endothelium, glomerular epithelium, GM-95 cell, GM00037 cell, GM00637 cell, GM01492 cell, GM02037 cell, GM03440 cell, GN5 cell, goblet cell, gonadal sheath cell, GP6 cell, gut epithelium, gut mucosa, H-59 cell, H-650 cell, H-69AR cell, H2.35 cell, H273 cell, H4-II-E-C3 cell, H4TG cell, HA22T/VGH cell, HaCa-4 cell, HaCaT cell, HaCaT II-4 cell, HAE cell, HaEpi cell, hair, hair follicle, hair follicle bulge stem cell, hair follicle epithelium, hair follicle inner root sheath, hair follicle outer root sheath, hair root, HB4a cell, HB611 cell, HBE cell, HBE-1 cell, HBE135-E6E7 cell, HBEpC cell, HBL-100 cell, HBMEC cell, HC-11 cell, HC11-C24 cell, Hca-F cell, Hca-P cell, HCAEC cell, HCC-1171 cell, HCC-1395 cell, HCC-1438 cell, HCC-1500 cell, HCC-1569 cell, HCC-1806 cell, HCC-1833 cell, HCC-1937 cell, HCC-1954 cell, HCC-2279 cell, HCC-2935 cell, HCC-33 cell, HCC-38 cell, HCC-4006 cell, HCC-70 cell, HCC-827 cell, HCC-95 cell, HCCLM-3 cell, HCCLM-9 cell, HCE cell, HCE-7 cell, HCFMK-1 cell, HCMEC cell, HCMEC/D3 cell, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell line, heart endothelial cell, HEC-1-A cell, HEC-1-B cell, HeLa cell, HeLa GFP-histone H2B cell, HeLa-229 cell, HeLa-80 cell, HeLa-MAGI cell, HeLa-MAGI-CCR5 cell, HeLa-S3 cell, HEMn cell, HEp-2 cell, HEp-3 cell, HEP-3B cell, Hep-G2 cell, Hep-G2/2.15 cell, HEP-G2/2.2.1 cell, Hep-G2/ADM cell, Hep-G2/C3A cell, Hep3B-c1 cell, HEPA 1-6 cell, Hepa-1 cell, Hepa-1c1c7 cell, HepAD38 cell, hepatobiliary carcinoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell, hepatoblastoma cell line, hepatoma ascites cell, hepatoma ascites cell line, hepatoma cell, hepatoma cell line, hepatoma HLE cell, HepG2-VL17A cell, HFF-1 cell, HFF2/T cell, high endothelial venule, HK-1 cell, HKESC-1 cell, HKESC-2 cell, HL-7702 cell, HL1C cell, HLaC-78 cell, HLCC cell, HLE-B3 cell, HLEC-SRA 01/04 cell, HMB-2 cell, HMCB cell, HME cell, HMEC-1 cell, HMEC-1330 cell, HMEpC cell, HML-Gb3 cell, HMLER cell, HMT-3522 cell, HMT-3522 S1 cell, HMT-3522 T4-2 cell, HMV-II cell, HMVEC cell, HMVEC-dLy cell, HN-30 cell, HNE-1 cell, HO-1 cell, HO-1-N-1 cell, HO-1-u-1 cell, HO-8910 cell, HO-8910PM, HONE-1 cell, HOP-62 cell, HOP-92 cell, HOSE 11-12 cell, HOSE 17-1 cell, HOSE 6-3 cell, HOSE cell, HOSE-B cell, HPAC cell, HPAEC cell, HPAF-2 cell, HPEC cell, HPENC cell, HPK1A-ras cell, HPL1D cell, HPMEC cell, HRA cell, Hs-27 cell, HS-294T cell, Hs-578T cell, HS-68 cell, HS-766T cell, HSC-1 cell, HSC-2 cell, HSC-3 cell, HSC-4 cell, HSCC cell, HT-1197 cell, HT-1376 cell, HT-144 cell, HT-168 cell, HTC cell, HTC-4 cell, hTERT-RPE1 cell, HUAEC cell, HUC-1 cell, HuCCT-1 cell, HuH-1 cell, HuH-6 cell, HuH-7 cell, Huh-7.5 cell, Huh-7.5.1 cell, human aortic endothelial cell, human bone marrow endothelial cell line, human brain microvascular endothelial cell, human iliac artery endothelial cell, human lens epithelial cell line, HUP-T3 cell, HUVE-12 cell, HUVEC cell, HVEC cell, hypodermal seam cell, hypodermis, hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, IB3-1 cell, IGR-3 cell, IGR-37 cell, ileal carcinoid cell, ileal mucosa, IMEC cell, INER-37 cell, INER-51/PSC-1 cell, INS-1E cell, insulinoma cell, integument, intestinal epithelial cell, intestinal epithelium, intestinal juice, intestinal mucosa, Intestine-407 cell, invasive breast apocrine carcinoma cell, IOSE-397 cell, IOSE-398 cell, IR-8 cell, Ishikawa cell, J-82 cell, J-96 cell, J5 hepatoma cell, J7 hepatoma cell, JB6 cell, JB6 Cl41 cell, JC cell, jejunal epithelium, jejunal mucosa, JHU-011 cell, JHU-028 cell, JIMT-1 cell, K-457 cell, KB cell, KB-3-1 cell, KB-C2 cell, KB-CP.5 cell, KB-CP20 cell, KB-V1 cell, KBH5.0 cell, KBv200 cell, KEL-FIB cell, keloid, kerathoacanthoma cell, keratinocyte, keratinocyte cell line, KK-47 cell, KKU-100 cell, KKU-M139 cell, KLE cell, KLN205 cell, KMBC cell, KOC-7C cell, KP-1N cell, KP-2 cell, KS-IMM cell, KU-1 cell, KU-7 cell, KYSE-140 cell, KYSE-150 cell, KYSE-30 cell, L3.3 cell, L3.6pl cell, L56Br-C1 cell, Langerhans cell, large cell lung cancer cell line, large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma cell, laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, LC-2/ad cell, lens epithelial cell line, lens epithelium, Lewis lung carcinoma cell line, LH-86 cell, lip epithelium, liver sinusoidal endothelial cell, LK-87 cell, LLC-WRC 256 cell, lobular carcinoma cell, LOX-IMVI cell, LS-180 cell, Lu-99 cell, Lunet-Con1 cell, lung adenocarcinoma cell, lung adenocarcinoma cell line, lung cancer cell line, lung endothelial cell, lung endothelium, lung epithelial cell, lung epithelium, lung epithelium cell line, lung microvascular endothelial cell, lung squamous cell carcinoma cell line, lymphatic endothelial cell, M cell, M-14-K cell, M-28-K cell, M-9-K cell, M12 prostate cancer cell, M14 melanoma cell, M22 cell, M93-047 cell, Ma-1 cell, Ma-25 cell, Ma-45 cell, Ma-53 cell, Ma-Mel-01 cell, Ma-Mel-04 cell, Ma-Mel-05 cell, Ma-Mel-11 cell, Ma-Mel-12 cell, Ma-Mel-17 cell, Ma-Mel-19 cell, Ma-Mel-37b cell, Ma-Mel-42b cell, Ma-Mel-47 cell, Ma-Mel-52 cell, MACL-1 cell, macula densa, Mahlavu cell, MALME-3M cell, mammary epithelial cell, mammary epithelial cell line, mammary epithelium, mammary gland tumor cell line, mammary myoepithelial cell, MB-49 cell, MBT-2 cell, McA-RH7777 cell, MCF-10-2A cell, MCF-10A cell, MCF-10A neoT cell, MCF-10F cell, MCF-12A cell, MCF-12F cell, MCF-7 cell, MCF-7/2a cell, MCF-7/LCC9 cell, MCS-2 cell, MDA-1186 cell, MDA-886 cell, MDA-MB-157 cell, MDA-MB-175-VII cell, MDA-MB-231 cell, MDA-MB-231-BAG cell, MDA-MB-231-Luc2 cell, MDA-MB-231-Met2 cell, MDA-MB-361 cell, MDA-MB-415 cell, MDA-MB-435 cell, MDA-MB-435S cell, MDA-MB-436 cell, MDA-MB-453 cell, MDA-MB-468 cell, MDA-Panc-28 cell, MDA-Panc-3 cell, MDA-PCa-2b cell, MDA435/LCC6MDR1 cell, Me665/2 cell, Me665/2/21 cell, MEB-4 cell, medullary breast carcinoma cell, medullary carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell, medullary thyroid carcinoma cell line, meibomian gland, Mel Ei cell, Mel Im cell, Mel Ju cell, Mel Wei cell, Mel-Ab cell, Mel-AT cell, Mel-FH cell, MEL-HO cell, Mel-JD cell, MEL-JUSO cell, Mel-RM cell, Mel-RMU cell, Mel007 cell, Mel120 cell, Mel249 cell, Mel501 cell, melan-a cell, melan-a Hm cell, melanoblast, melanocyte, melanocyte cell line, melanoma cell, melanoma cell line, melanophore, mesenchymal epithelium, mesothelioma cell, mesothelioma cell line, mesothelium, metanephric adenoma cell, MEWO cell, MGH-U3 cell, MGSO-3 cell, MH134 cell, MHCC-97 cell, MHCC97-H cell, MHCC97-L cell, MiaPaCa-2 cell, microvascular endothelial cell, microvascular endothelial cell line, microvascular endothelium, MIN-6 cell, MIN6-m9 cell, MIN6-N8 cell, MKN-1 cell, MKN-28 cell, MKN-45 cell, MKN-7 cell, MKN-74 cell, MKT-BR cell, MLE-12 cell, MLE-15 cell, MM200 cell, MM46 cell, MM5MT cell, MMDD1 cell, MMT-060562 cell, MNT-1 cell, Morris hepatoma 3924A cell, Morris hepatoma 7316A cell, Morris hepatoma 7777 cell, Morris hepatoma 7800C1 cell, Morris hepatoma cell, MOSEC cell, MRK-nu-1 cell, MRN-1 cell, MSK-Leuk1 cell, MSTO-211H cell, mucinous adenocarcinoma cell, mucosa, mucosal melanoma cell, mucous cell, mucous gland, Mull cell, MUM-2B cell, MUM-2C cell, MV3 cell, MVT-1 cell, MX-1 cell, myoepithelial cell, myoepithelium, MYP-30 cell, myxofibrosarcoma cell, Mz-ChA-1 cell, NA cell, nasal epithelium cell line, nasal mucosa, nasal polyp, nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell, nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line, nasopharynx epithelium, NBT-II cell, NCI-H1048 cell, NCI-H1155 cell, NCI-H125 cell, NCI-H1299 cell, NCI-H1355 cell, NCI-H1437 cell, NCI-H157 cell, NCI-H1581 cell, NCI-H1650 cell, NCI-H1672 cell, NCI-H1684 cell, NCI-H1703 cell, NCI-H1792 cell, NCI-H1838 cell, NCI-H187 cell, NCI-H1915 cell, NCI-H196 cell, NCI-H1963 cell, NCI-H1975 cell, NCI-H2009 cell, NCI-H2029 cell, NCI-H2030 cell, NCI-H2087 cell, NCI-H211 cell, NCI-H2126 cell, NCI-H2170 cell, NCI-H2171 cell, NCI-H226 cell, NCI-H226Br cell, NCI-H23 cell, NCI-H2347 cell, NCI-H292 cell, NCI-H322 cell, NCI-H322M cell, NCI-H345 cell, NCI-H358 cell, NCI-H441 cell, NCI-H460 cell, NCI-H510 cell, NCI-H520 cell, NCI-H522 cell, NCI-H524 cell, NCI-H526 cell, NCI-H596 cell, NCI-H647 cell, NCI-H660 cell, NCI-H661 cell, NCI-H69 cell, NCI-H740 cell, NCI-H82 cell, NCI-H838 cell, NCI-H889 cell, NCI-N417 cell, NCM-460 cell, NE-4C cell, neuroendocrine tumor cell, neuroepithelial cell, neuroepithelioma cell, neuroepithelioma cell line, neuroepithelium, NHBE cell, NHEK cell, NHEM cell, NHEM-neo cell, NHEM2493 cell, NHEM693 cell, NHOK cell, NKB-1 cell, NM2C5 cell, NMuMg cell, non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma cell line, non-small cell lung cancer cell line, nonpigmented ciliary epithelium, NOR-P1 cell, NOS-2 cell, NOS-4 cell, NOSE1 cell, Novikoff ascites tumor cell, Novikoff hepatoma cell, NPA cell, NPC-TW01 cell, NPC-TW02 cell, NPC-TW03 cell, NPC-TW04 cell, NPD-1 cell, NPrEC cell, NUGC-3 cell, NW-1539 cell, NYH cell, OC-3 cell, OC-314 cell, OC-316 cell, OCM-1 cell, OE-E6/E7 cell, OECM-1 cell, oil secretion, OKF-6 cell, olfactory epithelium, olfactory receptor neuron, ONCO-DG1 cell, OR-6 cell, oral epithelial cell, oral epithelium, oral mucosa, oral squamous cell carcinoma cell, oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line, ORL-8 cell, oronasal squamous cell carcinoma cell, oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cell, OV-2008 cell, OV-90 cell, OV2008/C13 cell, ovarian epithelial cell, ovarian serous adenocarcinoma cell line, ovarian surface epithelial cell, ovarian surface epithelium, ovary adenocarcinoma cell line, ovary epithelium, ovary epithelium cell line, OVCA-5 cell, OVCAR-3 cell, oviduct ciliated cell, oviduct epithelium, OVISE cell, oxyntic cell, PA-TU-8902 cell, PA-TU-8988T cell, PaCa-44 cell, PAM212 cell, Panc-02 cell, PANC-1 cell, PANC-3 cell, Panc1-bC2GnT-M cell, pancreatic adenocarcinoma cell line, pancreatic cancer cell, pancreatic cancer cell line, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell, pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell line, pancreatic ductal carcinoma cell, pancreatic invasive ductal adenocarcinoma cell, PanIN cell, papillary adenocarcinoma cell, papillary renal cell carcinoma cell, papilloma cell, Patu-8988 cell, PaTuO-2 cell, pavement epithelium, PC-1 cell, PC-1.0 cell, PC-10 cell, PC-14 cell, PC-7 cell, PC-9 cell, PCI-43 cell, PCI-51 cell, PDNEC cell, PEO-1 cell, PEO-4 cell, peptic chief cell, PG-BE1 cell, PG-LH7 cell, pharyngeal mucosa, PK-8 cell, PK-9 cell, PLC-PRF-5 cell, pleural mesothelioma cell, pleural mesothelioma cell line, PLHC-1/dox cell, PNET-2 cell, PNT-2 cell, PNT2-C2 cell, podocyte, porcine aortic endothelial cell, PR-Mel cell, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell line, prostate adenocarcinoma cell, prostate adenocarcinoma cell line, prostate epithelium cell, prostate epithelium cell line, prostate gland epithelium, prostate gland intraepithelial neoplasia cell line, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia cell, PSN-1 cell, pulmonary artery endothelial cell, pulmonary artery endothelium, pulmonary microvascular endothelial cell, pulmonary neuroendocrine tumor cell, PWR-1E cell, PY-41 cell, pyloric mucosa, PZ-HPV-7 cell, QGP-1 cell, QGY-7703 cell, RAG cell, rectal adenocarcinoma cell, rectal adenocarcinoma cell line, renal cell carcinoma cell, renal epithelial cell, renal epithelium, renal epithelium cell line, RERF-LC-AI cell, respiratory epithelium, respiratory epithelium cell, respiratory mucosa, respiratory mucus, retinal microvascular endothelial cell, retinal pigment epithelium, retinal pigment epithelium cell, retinal pigment epithelium cell line, RGM-1 cell, RHEK-1 cell, right colon mucosa, RL95-2 cell, RLE-6TN cell, RMG-I cell, RMG-II cell, RPAEC cell, RPK-9 cell, RPMEC cell, RPMI-2650 cell, RPMI-7951 cell, RPMI-8226 cell, RT-112 cell, RT-4 cell, RTH-149 cell, rumen epithelium, RWPE-1 cell, RWPE-2 cell, RzM6-LC cell, S2-028 cell, S9 cell, Sa-3 cell, SAEC cell, salivary gland epithelium, SAS cell, SB-2 cell, SBC-1 cell, SC-M1 cell, SCaBER cell, scale, scalp, SCC-13 cell, SCC-15 cell, SCC-25 cell, SCC-25/CP cell, SCC-4 cell, SCC-9 cell, sebaceous gland, sebocyte, sebum, SEG-1 cell, seminiferous epithelium, sEnd-1 cell, serous cystadenocarcinoma cell, sessile serrated adenoma cell, SGC-7901 cell, SHP-77 cell, SiHa cell, SK-BR-3 cell, SK-ChA-1 cell, SK-HEP-1 cell, SK-LC-16 cell, SK-LC-8 cell, SK-MEL cell, SK-MEL-1 cell, SK-MEL-110 cell, SK-MEL-2 cell, SK-MEL-23 cell, SK-MEL-24 cell, SK-MEL-28 cell, SK-MEL-30 cell, SK-MEL-37 cell, SK-MEL-5 cell, SK-MES-1 cell, SK-N-MC cell, SK-PC-1 cell, skin, skin cancer cell, skin epithelium, skin fibroblast, skin fibroblast cell line, skin mucus, skin squamous cell carcinoma cell, SKOV-3 cell, SKOV3IP cell, SLT4 cell, small cell lung cancer cell line, small intestine adenoma cell, small intestine epithelium, small intestine mucosa, SMMC-7721 cell, SNK-57 cell, SNU-182 cell, SNU-354 cell, SNU-368 cell, SNU-398 cell, SNU-423 cell, SNU-449 cell, SNU-475 cell, SP-6.5 cell, SPC-A4 cell, SPCA-1 cell, squamous cell carcinoma cell, squamous cell carcinoma cell line, squamous epithelium, STAV-AB cell, STAV-FCS cell, STC-1 cell, STF1-169 cell, STP-1 cell, stratified epithelium, stratum basale, stratum corneum, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, SU.86.86 cell, subcutaneous adipose tissue, subcutis, submucosa, submucosal gland, SUIT-2 cell, SUM-1315MO2 cell, SUM-149PT cell, SUM-159PT cell, SUM-185PE cell, SUM-52PE cell, SUNE-1 cell, SVEC4-10 cell, SW-1116 cell, SW-1573 cell, SW-1990 cell, SW-2 cell, SW-48 cell, SW-626 cell, SW-780 cell, SW-900 cell, SZ-95 cell, T-24 cell, T-289 cell, T-47 cell, T-47D cell, T3M4 cell, tanycyte, TAOV cell, taste bud, Tca-8113 cell, TCC-SUP cell, TE 353.Sk cell, TE-1 cell, TE-13 cell, TE-15 cell, TE-2 cell, TE-8 cell, thymic epithelium, thyroid epithelial cell, tongue cancer cell line, tongue epithelial cell line, tongue epithelium, TR-146 cell, tracheal epithelium, tracheal mucosa, tracheobronchial epithelial cell, tracheobronchial epithelial cell line, tracheobronchial epithelium, transitional cell carcinoma cell, transitional cell carcinoma cell line, TSA cell, TSCCA cell, TSU-Pr1 cell, TT cell, tubercle, TZM-bl cell, U-1285 cell, U-1285dox cell, U-1752 cell, U-1810 cell, UACC-257 cell, UACC-3291 cell, UACC-62 cell, UACC-647 cell, UACC-812 cell, UACC-893 cell, UACC-903 cell, UKRV-Mel-06a cell, UKRV-Mel-2 cell, UKRV-Mel-21a cell, UKRV-Mel-27 cell, UKRV-Mel-31 cell, ulcer tissue, UM-SCC-1 cell, UM-SCC-12 cell, UM-SCC-17B cell, UM-SCC-2 cell, UM-SCC-22A cell, UM-SCC-22B cell, UM-SCC-5 cell, UM-UC-1 cell, UM-UC-10 cell, UM-UC-2 cell, UM-UC-3 cell, UM-UC-5 cell, UM-UC-9 cell, umbilical artery endothelium, umbilical vein endothelial cell, umbilical vein endothelial cell line, umbilical vein endothelium, urinary bladder carcinoma cell line, urinary bladder endothelial cell, uroepithelial cell, uroepithelial cell line, uroepithelium, UROtsa cell, UT-SCC-118 cell, UT-SCC-9 cell, uterine adenocarcinoma cell, uterine adenocarcinoma cell line, uterine endometrial epithelium, uterine endometrium, uterine epithelial cell, uterine epithelium, uterine gland, uveal melanoma cell, vaginal epithelial cell line, vaginal epithelium, vascular endothelial cell, vascular endothelial cell line, vascular endothelium, venous endothelial cell, vibrissa, vibrissal follicle, villus, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, wart, WB-311 cell, WDNET cell, WIF-B cell, WIF-B9 cell, WISH cell, WM-115 cell, WM-266-4 cell, WM-278 cell, WM-35 cell, WM-451Lu cell, WM-793B cell, WM-9 cell, WM-902B cell, wound fluid, WPE-int cell, WRL-68 cell, WT-8 cell, XP-V XP30RO cell, YMB-1 cell, YMB-1-E cell, Yoshida AH-130 cell, Yoshida AH-66 cell, Yoshida ascites hepatoma cell line, YTS-1 cell, YY-8103 cell, Z-12 cell, ZR-75 cell, ZR-75-1 cell, ZR-75-30 cell