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143-B cell, 2fTGH cell, 32D cell, 5TGM1 cell, A-204 cell, A-673 cell, abdominal muscle, abductor, Abrams cell, ACI-45 cell, adductor, adductor longus, adductor magnus, ANA-1 cell, annulus fibrosus, annulus fibrosus disci intervertebralis, ARP-1 cell, articular cartilage, ATRkd cell, B6SUtA1 cell, BBm cell, BCWM.1 cell, biceps, biceps brachii, biceps femoris, blood platelet, BMMC cell, bone, bone cancer cell, bone cancer cell line, bone cell line, bone lining cell, bone marrow, bone marrow cell, bone marrow cell line, bone matrix, C-20/A4 cell, C-28/I2 cell, C-3842 cell, CAG cell, CAL-72 cell, calcaneal bone, calvarium, cancellous bone, carcinosarcoma cell, cartilage, CCP-2 cell, CCP-7 cell, CCP-8 cell, cerebrospinal fluid, cervical spine, chondroblast, chondroblastoma cell, chondroclast, chondrocyte, chondrocyte cell line, chondrogenic cell, chondrogenic MCT cell, chondroma cell, chondrosarcoma cell, chondrosarcoma cell line, ciliary muscle, CME-1 cell, CMK cell, CMK-86 cell, COS-31 cell, cranium, D17 cell, Dami cell, DDT1-MF-2 cell, diaphragm, Dunn cell, electrocyte, endochondral bone, endomysium, eosinophilic myelocyte, epiglottis, epiphyseal growth plate, epiphysis, epitrochlearis, epitrochlearis muscle, erythroleukemia cell, erythroleukemia cell line, Ewing's family tumor cell, Ewing's sarcoma cell, extensor, extensor digitorum brevis, extensor digitorum communis, extensor digitorum longus, extraocular muscle, Fanconi anemia disease specific cell type, Fanconi anemia lymphoid cell line, fast muscle, fast twitch muscle fiber, FDCP-Mix cl.A4 cell, femoral muscle, femur, fibrosarcoma cell, fibrosarcoma cell line, fibula, flexor, flexor digitorum longus, flexor digitorum profundus, foot muscle, foramen magnum, forelimb muscle, Friend erythroleukemia cell line, G-292 cell, gastrocnemius, gill arch, gluteal muscle, gracilis muscle, HBL-11 cell, head muscle, HEL cell, hFOB 1.19 cell, HMPOS cell, HOB-c cell, HOS cell, Hs 925.T cell, HSDM1C1 cell, HT-1080 cell, HTD-114 cell, HuO-3N1 cell, hypobranchial, iliopsoas muscle, IM-9 cell, INA-6 cell, intercostal muscle, intervertebral disc, intramuscular adipose tissue, jaw, JJ012 cell, JJ012-TS4 cell, K7M2-WT cell, Kaposi's sarcoma cell, keratocyst, KMS-11 cell, KMS-12-BM cell, KMS-26 cell, KRIB cell, KS-IMM cell, L-363 cell, L-6 myoblast cell, L6E9 cell, leg muscle, leiomyosarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell, liposarcoma cell line, long bone, longissimus, longissimus capitis, longissimus lumborum, longissimus thoracis, lumbar spine, lymphosarcoma cell, M5076 cell, mandible, mandibular condyle, masseter, MBA-15 cell, MC-3T3 cell, MC3T3-E1 cell, MC3T3-E1(C4) cell, MC57 cell, medial pterygoid muscle, megakaryoblast, megakaryocyte, megakaryocyte cell line, megakaryotic cell line, MEL-745A cell, MEL-C19 cell, meniscus, mesenchymal epithelium, metatarsal bone, MG-63 cell, MHM cell, MLO-Y4 cell, MM1-R cell, MM1-S cell, MNNG/HOS cell, multiple myeloma cell, multiple myeloma cell line, myeloblast, myeloblastoma cell, myelocyte, myeloma cell, myeloma cell line, N-1511 cell, NCI cell, NCI-H929 cell, NCR-EW2 cell, neutrophilic myelocyte, NHOst cell, notochord, NS-0 cell, nucleus pulposus, oncogenic osteomalacia cell, OSA-344 cell, osseous plate, osteoblast, osteoblast cell line, osteoblastoma cell, osteochondroma cell, osteoclast, osteoclastoma cell, osteocyte, osteogenic cell, osteogenic cell line, osteoma cell, osteophyte, osteosarcoma cell, osteosarcoma cell line, P3X63Ag8 cell, PA-23 cell, paramyeloblast, pectoral muscle, perichondrium, periosteum, pharyngeal muscle, plantaris muscle, plasma cell, platysma muscle, PNET-2 cell, POS cell, preosteoblast, preosteoclast, primitive neuroectodermal tumor cell line, promyelocyte, psoas, psoas major, psoas minor, quadriceps, RD cell, RD-ES cell, rectus femoris, red bone marrow, Rh-30 cell, Rh-4 cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell, rhabdomyosarcoma cell line, ROS cell, ROS-17/2.8 cell, Rous sarcoma cell, RPMI-8226 cell, S-180 cell, sacrospinalis, SAOS-2 cell, SAOS-alpha2beta1 cell, sarcoma cell, sarcoma cell line, sartorius, scapula, SCMC-ES1 cell, semimembranosus, semitendinosus, SGS cell, SHAC cell, SJSA-1 cell, SK-LMS-1 cell, SK-UT-1 cell, SK-UT-1B cell, skeletal muscle, skeletal muscle cancer cell, skeletal muscle cell, skeletal muscle cell line, skeletal muscle satellite cell, skeletal system, slow muscle, slow twitch muscle fiber, soft tissue sarcoma cell, soleus, SP2/0-AG14 cell, spinal column, spinal muscle, sternal cartilage, sternocleidomastoid muscle, sternum, striated muscle cell, subarachnoid space, SW-1353 cell, SW-872 cell, synovial sarcoma cell, synovial sarcoma cell line, T/C-28a2 cell, T/C-28a4 cell, tail muscle, talus, TC-32 cell, TC-71 cell, TE-671 cell, temporomandibular articular disk, temporomandibular joint, TF-1 BCR-ABL cell, TF-1 cell, thigh muscle, thoracic spine, thorax muscle, tibia, tibial cartilage, tibial chondrocyte, tibialis, tibialis anterior, tibialis posterior, tongue muscle, twitch muscle, U-266 cell, U-5A cell, U2-OS cell, UAMS-32 cell, UMR-106 cell, UMR-106-01 cell, uterine leiomyosarcoma cell, uterine sarcoma cell, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vertebra, vertebral endplate, Walker carcinoma 256 cell, XC cell, YN-1 cell, Yoshida ascites sarcoma cell, Yoshida sarcoma cell