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164T2 cell, 267T2 cell, 2B4-T cell, 3D4/21 cell, 3D5 cell, 5TGM1 cell, 697 cell, 94-H48 cell, 95-H1 cell, A20 cell, A3 cell, ACH-2 cell, acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, adenoid, adult T-cell lymphoma cell, adult T-cell lymphoma cell line, AHH-1 cell, ALL-SIL cell, alveolar macrophage, alveolar macrophage cell line, amoeboid microglia, ANA-1 cell, anaplastic large cell lymphoma cell, ARH-77 cell, ARP-1 cell, B-cell lymphoma cell, B-cell lymphoma cell line, B-lymphoblast, B-lymphoblast cell line, B-lymphoblastoid cell, B-lymphoblastoid cell line, B-lymphocyte, B-lymphocyte cell line, B95-8 cell, BA/F3 cell, BALL-1 cell, BC-1 cell, BC-2 cell, BC-3 cell, BCBL-1 cell, BJAB cell, BL-2 cell, BL-3 cell, BL-41 cell, BL-60 cell, BMC-2 cell, bone marrow-derived dendritic cell, bone marrow-derived macrophage, BP-ALL cell, Burkitt lymphoma cell, Burkitt lymphoma cell line, bursa of Fabricius, BW-5147 cell, BW/T200- cell, BWZ.36 cell, C1R-B27 cell, CA-46 cell, CB33 cell, CCRF-CEM cell, CEM-ADR5000 cell, CEM-VBL10 cell, CEM-VBL100 cell, CESS cell, CH12.LX cell, CH12F3-2 cell, CH12F3-2A cell, chondroclast, CTLL-2 cell, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte, cytotoxic T-lymphocyte cell line, Daltons lymphoma ascites, Daltons lymphoma ascites cell, Daltons lymphoma cell, DAUDI cell, dendritic cell, DG-75 cell, DHL-9 cell, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell line, Do11.10 cell, DT-40 3KO cell, DT-40 cell, EB-1 cell, EBV-B cell, EBV-LCL cell, EL-4 cell, epitheloid cell, F9-12 cell, Fanconi anemia lymphoid cell line, FEPD cell, FL-18 cell, FL-218 cell, FL5.12 cell, follicular dendritic cell, follicular dendritic cell line, follicular lymphoma cell, follicular lymphoma cell line, G3/F11 cell, gamma delta T-lymphocyte, germinal center, glomerular macrophage, GM-12878 cell, GM-3299 cell, GM0536 cell, HBL-1 cell, HBL-10 cell, HBL-2 cell, HBL-3 cell, HBL-4 cell, HBL-5 cell, HBL-6 cell, HBL-7 cell, HBL-8 cell, HBL-9 cell, HD-11 cell, helper T-lymphocyte, histiocyte, histiocytic lymphoma cell, HT-2 cell, HUT-78 cell, hybridoma cell, hybridoma cell line, I 9.2 cell, IM-9 cell, immune system, interdigitating reticulum cell, interstitial macrophage, IT-79MTNC3 cell, J-774 cell, J-774.1 cell, J-774A.1 cell, J.CaM1.6 cell, J774.2 cell, Jeko-1 cell, JURKAT cell, JURKAT E-6.1 cell, JY cell, K6H6/B5 cell, KARPAS-299 cell, KARPAS-422 cell, KE-37 cell, KM-H2 cell, KMS-11 cell, KMS-12-BM cell, Kobayashi cell, KOPT-K1 cell, KR-4 cell, Krebs ascites cell, Krebs II ascites cell, Kupffer cell, L-363 cell, L-428 cell, L-5178-Y cell, L-540 cell, Langerhans cell, large granular lymphocyte, LCL-721 cell, LK-63 cell, lymph node, lymphoblast, lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, lymphoblastoid cell line, lymphoblastoma cell, lymphocyte, lymphoid cell, lymphoid cell line, lymphoid follicle, lymphoid tissue, lymphoma cell, lymphoma cell line, lymphosarcoma cell, M1 macrophage, M2 macrophage, M9A cell, Mac-1 cell, macrophage, macrophage cell line, mantle cell lymphoma cell, memory T-lymphocyte, mesenteric lymph node, microglia, MM1-R cell, MM1-S cell, MOLT cell, MOLT-13 cell, MOLT-3 cell, MOLT-4 cell, MOLT-4F cell, monocyte-derived dendritic cell, MT-2 cell, MT-4 cell, MTC-1 cell, multiple myeloma cell, multiple myeloma cell line, myeloid dendritic cell, MyLa 2059 cell, naive T-lymphocyte, NALL-1 cell, NALM-17 cell, NALM-6 cell, NAMALWA cell, natural killer cell, natural killer cell line, natural killer T cell, NB2-Sp cell, NC-37 cell, NCI-H929 cell, NK-92 cell, non-Hodgkin lymphoma cell, non-Hodgkin lymphoma cell line, NR-8383 cell, NU-DUL-1 cell, OCI-LY7 cell, OKM-2T cell, osteoclast, osteoclastoma cell, P-1798 cell, P-388 cell, P-388D1 cell, P3X63Ag8 cell, P493-6 cell, palatine tonsil, PEER cell, peripheral blood lymphocyte, peritoneal macrophage, Peyer's gland, Pfeiffer cell, plasma cell, plasmablastic lymphoma cell, plasmacytoid dendritic cell, plasmacytoid T-lymphocyte, pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, pre-B-lymphocyte, pre-B-lymphocyte cell line, pre-T-lymphocyte, pro-B-lymphocyte, pro-B-lymphocyte cell line, RAJI cell, RAW-264.7 cell, RAW/LR5 cell, RCH-ACV cell, REC-1 cell, regulatory dendritic cell, regulatory T-lymphocyte, REH cell, RL cell, RMA cell, RNK-16 cell, RPMI-8226 cell, RPMI-8402 cell, RS4-11 cell, S-49 cell, S2 cell, SAKRTLS 12.1 cell, SeAx cell, SKW-3 cell, SKW6.4 cell, SM-5 cell, SM-7 cell, spleen, splenocyte, SR cell, SU-DHL-1 cell, SU-DHL-2 cell, SU-DHL-4 cell, submandibular lymph node, SUP-M2 cell, Sup-M2-TS cell, SUP-T1 cell, T-cell lymphoma cell, T-lymphoblast, T-lymphoblastic leukemia cell line, T-lymphoblastoid cell line, T-lymphoblastoma cell, T-lymphocyte, T-lymphocyte cell line, T-lymphoma cell line, T1 cell, T2 cell, TALL-104 cell, Th-1 cell line, Th1 cell, Th17 cell, Th2 cell, THP-6 cell, thymic cortex, thymic cortical epithelial cell, thymic epithelium, thymic medulla, thymic medullary epithelium, thymocyte, thymoma cell, thymus, thymus lymphoma cell, thymus lymphoma cell line, TK-6 cell, tonsil, U-266 cell, U-937 cell, UML-49 cell, WEGLI18 cell, WEHI-231 cell, WIL-2 cell, WIL2-NS cell, WT-100 cell, WT-51 cell, WTK-1 cell, YAC-1 cell, YT cell