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EC Number
2 * 45883, component BoxA, calculated from sequence; 2 * 50000, component BoxA, SDS-PAGE
2 * 46000 (BoxA) + 50000 (BoxB), boxA/boxB system, BoxA is a homodimeric 46 kDa iron-sulfur-flavoprotein, which acts as reductase. BoxB is a monomeric iron-protein (50000-60000 Da, gel filtration. 50000 Da, SDS-PAGE)
x + 55000 (benzoyl-CoA oxygenase component B) + x * 46000, (benzoyl-CoA oxygenase component A), BoxB functions as the oxygenase part of benzoyl-CoA oxygenase in conjunction with BoxA, the reductase component. BoxA functions as the reducing component of benzoyl-CoA oxygenase, which, upon binding of benzoyl-CoA, transfers two electrons to the ring in the course of dioxygenation, calculated from sequence
1 * 54000, BoxB, SDS-PAGE
Results 1 - 4 of 4