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EC Number
14-reductase; 14-SR; 3 beta-hydroxysterol-DELTA14-reductase; 3beta-hydroxysterol DELTA14-reductase; C-14 reductase; C-14 sterol reductase; C14-SR; C14SR; DELTA14-reductase; DELTA14-SR; DELTA14SR; DELTA7,14-steroid 14-reductase; DELTA7,14-sterol 14-reductase; DELTA7,14-sterol DELTA14-reductase; DELTA7,14-sterol-14-reductase; DELTA8,14-hydroxy steroid DELTA14(15)-reductase; DELTA8,14-steroid 14-reductase; DELTA8,14-sterol 14-reductase; DELTA8,14-sterol DELTA14-reductase; DELTA8,14-sterol-14-reductase; ERG24; erg24-1; fackel; FACKEL protein; FK; integral membrane sterol reductase; lamin B receptor; LBR; MaSR1; reductase, DELTA8,14-hydroxy steroid DELTA14(15)-; SR-1; sterol 14-reductase; sterol C-14 reductase; sterol C14-reductase; sterol DELTA14,15-reductase; sterol DELTA14-reductase; TM7SF2
; gene name
3beta-hydroxysterol DELTA14-reductase
besides the endoplasmic reticulum 3beta-hydroxysterol DELTA14-reductase (C14SR) encoded by TM7SF2 gene, the lamin B receptor (LBR) of the inner nuclear membrane possesses 3beta-hydroxysterol DELTA14-reductase activity
ERG 24; ERG24
ERG24 represents C-14 reductase
ERG24; FgERG24A; FgERG24B; fk-J3158
gene name
Results 1 - 5 of 5