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EC Number
acid lipase; acidic lipase; acylglycerol acylhydrolase; acyltransferase; adipocyte triglyceride lipase; adipose TG lipase; adipose triglyceride lipase; Alip1p; alkaline lipase; amano AP; amano B; amano CE; amano CES; amano P; amno N-AP; ATGL; Ayr1p; BAL; Bile-salt-stimulated lipase; BSSL; BTID; BTL2; BTL2 lipase; butyrinase; cacordase; CalA; CALB; Candida rugosa lipase; capalase L; Carboxyl ester lipase; CDL; chicken pancreatic lipase; cholesterol esterase; CPL; crab digestive lipase; CRL; CS-2 lipase; cutinase; Cytotoxic T lymphocyte lipase; desnutrin; diacylglycerol lipase; digestive lipase; EDL; enantioselective lipase; enantiospecific lipase; Endothelial cell-derived lipase; endothelial lipase; Endothelial-derived lipase; Esf lipase; extra-cellular metallolipase; extracellular lipase; fast lipase; GA 56 (enzyme); Gastric lipase; GDSL lipase; GEH; GGL; glycerol ester hydrolase; glycerol-ester hydrolase; GZEL; h1Lip1; heparin releasable hepatic lipase; hepatic lipase; hepatic monoacylglycerol acyltransferas
lipase; triacylglycerol acyl hydrolase
cf. EC, phospholipase A2
Lipozyme TL IM
commercial immobilized lipase
Chirazyme L-5; CRL; lipase F-AP; Newlase F3G; novozym 435; Novozyme 435; Novozyme CALB L
commercial preparation
lipozyme RM-IM
commercial preparation, immobilized enzyme
enzyme belongs to the carboxylesterase family
enzyme belongs to the lipase family I.3
family I.3 lipase
lipoprotein lipase
hydrolyzes triglycerides in chylomicrons and very low density lipoprotein particles
Results 1 - 10 of 28 > >>