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EC Number
1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase; 1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase and endoamylase; 1,4-alpha-D-glucan-glucanohydrolase; ABA; acid-stable amylase; acidic amylase; AGXA; AHA; alkaline alpha-amylase; alkalophilic Bacillus alpha-amylase; alpha amylase; alpha amylase 1; alpha-(1,4)-D-glucan glucanohydrolase; alpha-1,4 glucan-glucanohydrolase; alpha-1,4-glucan-4-glucanohydrolase; alpha-1-4 D-glucan glucanohydrolase; alpha-amylase; alpha-amylase 1; alpha-amylase 2; alpha-amylase 3; alpha-amylase A4; alpha-amylase Aasp; alpha-amylase AOA; Alpha-amylase carcinoid; alpha-amylase CMA; alpha-amylase gt; alpha-amylase HA; alpha-amylase I; alpha-amylase II; alpha-amylase PA; alpha-amylase PPA; alpha-amylase type A isozyme; alpha-amylase type II; alpha-amylase ZSA; alpha-amylases 1; AMF-3; Amy; Amy B; Amy c6; Amy I; Amy II; Amy-E; Amy-FC1; AMY1; AMY121; AMY2; Amy7C; AmyA; AmyB; AmyC; AmyCR; AmyD; AmyD-1; AmyE; AmyH; AmyI3C6; AmyK; AmyK38; AmyL; Amyl III; amylase AI; amylase AII; amylase I; Amylase THC 250; amylase, alpha-; Amylopsin; amylopullulanase; AmyP; AmyQ; AmyS; AmyZ2; AOA; AoA1; AoA2; ApkA; Apu; Ba-amy; BAA; Bacillus licheniformis alpha-amylase; Bactosol TK; barley alpha-amylase 1; BGTG-1; BH072alpha-amylase; BHA; BiLA; BLA; Blamy-I; BMA.2; BSA-2; Bsamy-I; BSTA; Buclamase; Ca2+-independent alpha-amylase gt; CcAmy; CCAP; Clarase; Clone 103; Clone 168; Clone PHV19; Clones GRAMY56 and 963; cold-active alpha-amylase; cold-adapted alpha-amylase; ComA; crustacean cardioactive peptide; diastase; endo-1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucanohydrolase; endo-1,4-alpha-D-glucan glucohydrolase; endo-1,4-alpha-D-glucanohydrolase; endoamylase; FORILASE NTL alpha-amylase; Fortizyme; Fungamyl 800 L; G 995; G6-amylase; glycogenase; Gt-amy; HaAmy1; HaAmy2; haloalkaline alpha-amylase; HdAmyI; High pI alpha-amylase; HPA; HSA; HSAmy; Isozyme 1B; Kleistase L 1; KRA; LAMY; LLF-alpha-amylase; Low pI alpha-amylase; MalA; maltogenic amylase; maltohexaose-producing alpha-amylase; maltotriose-producing alpha-amylase; MAmy; Maxamyl; Maxilase; Meiotic expression upregulated protein 30; MJA1; N8 alpha-amylase; neutral amylase; Pancreatic alpha-amylase; PFTA; Pivozin; PPA; Ptyalin; raw-starch-digesting alpha-amylase; Rbamy5; RBLA; RBSA-1; ROAmy; Ruminococcus bromii intermediary alpha-amylase 5; salt-tolerant alpha-amylase; ScAmy43; Sfamy; Spitase CP 1; SusG; TAA; TaAmy3; Taka-amylase A; Takatherm; TcAmy; TdAmyA; tergal gland protein-1; TfAmy48; Thermamyl; Thermolase; TO_amyl; Tp-AmyS; TVA II; VAAmy1; VAAmy2; VrAmy; ZSA
BGTG-1; htur2110
; gene name
cf. EC, cyclomaltodextrinase
cf. EC, cyclomaltodextrinase, the enzyme belongs to glycoside hydrolase family 13
hyperthermophilic alpha-amylase
classified in family 13 of the glucosyl hydrolase superfamily
human salivary alpha-amylase
commercial preparation
commercial preparation, free and immobilzed enzyme, covalently bound to calcium alginate matrix
exo-acting intracellular alpha-amylase that possesses distinct characteristics from typical alpha-amylases and cyclodextrin-hydrolyzing enzymes such as maltogenic amylase, cyclodextrinase, and neopullulanase
thermostable alpha-amylase
free and immobilzed enzyme, covalently bound to calcium alginate matrix
Results 1 - 10 of 25 > >>