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Cloned (Commentary)
coexpression of cheilanthifoline synthase (CYP719A5), and stylopine synthase (CYP719A2) in Pichia pastoris. Biosynthetic enzyme expression is examined in a consolidated system with all genes expressed in one cell and a coculture system with three cell lines that each express a single gene were examined. Although both systems efficiently converted reticuline to stylopine, the consolidated system is more rapid and efficient than the co-culture system. However, substrate-feeding experiments reveal a decrease in the conversion efficiency in the consolidated system during successive cultures, whereas the conversion efficiency in the co-culture system remains constant. Thus, the final amount of stylopine produced from reticuline after successive feedings in the co-culture system is more than 150 nmoles from 750 nmoles of (R,S)-reticuline (375 nmoles of (S)-reticuline)
expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 cells
heterologously expressed in Saccharcomyces cerevisiae
into the pT7Blue T-vector for sequencing, and subcloned into a yeast expression vector
Results 1 - 4 of 4