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EC Number
Crystallization (Commentary)
crystallized in presence of Mn, unit-cell parameters: a = b = 157.9 A, c = 480 A, alpha = beta = 90°, gamma = 120°, with either 16 or 24 subunits in the asymmetric unit, space group R3, 3.0 A resolution
crystals belong to space group R3 with cell parameters a = 157.9 A, b = 157.9 A, c = 480 A, alpha = beta = 90°, gamma = 120°. Structure of manganese assembled, active form of the enzyme at 3.0 A resolution
structure of isoform IGPD2 in complex with phosphate, to 1.75 A resolution. The holoenzyme has an open conformation where the C-terminal region (R193-R206, termed the C loop), which contains a number of conserved residues, is disordered. structure of mutant E21Q, to 1.12 A resolution
trimeric form without Mn2+, hanging drop vapor diffusion method
Results 1 - 5 of 5