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Details for unclassified archaeal viruses
NCBI 451344
  1. archaeal virus
  2. prokaryotic virus
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6 subitems Archaea can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
24 subitems Bacteria can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
27 subitems Eukaryota can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(superkingdom)
3 subitems Viroids (superkingdom)
Viruses (superkingdom)
1 subitems Ovaliviridae (family)
Alber virus (species)
Angico virus (species)
Araticum virus (species)
Atikum virus (species)
Atrpec virus 1 (species)
Avalon virus (species)
Baker virus (species)
Basavirus sp. (species)
Berant virus (species)
Betegovirus SF (species)
Bradson virus (species)
Bufivirus UC1 (species)
Bus virus RTM2 (species)
Carrot virus (species)
Chaq virus (species)
Charvil virus (species)
CHER virus (species)
Chorella virus (species)
Cordoba virus (species)
Corey virus (species)
Cragig virus 1 (species)
Cragig virus 2 (species)
Cragig virus 3 (species)
Croada virus (species)
2 subitems Cruciviridae (family)
Cumbaru virus (species)
Dansoman virus (species)
Defiwi virus (species)
Duwamo virus (species)
Egaro virus (species)
Elicom virus 1 (species)
Faustovirus can be found in Brenda (species)
Faustovirus D3 (species)
Faustovirus D6 (species)
Galbut virus (species)
Grom virus (species)
Guarani virus (species)
Guato virus (species)
Halhan virus 1 (species)
Halhan virus 2 (species)
Halhan virus 3 (species)
Husavirus sp. (species)
IAS virus (species)
JDV virus (species)
Kadiweu virus (species)
Kaiowa virus (species)
Kirkovirus sp. (species)
Kuiper virus (species)
Kwi virus (species)
Lobeira virus (species)
Lodeiro virus (species)
M28 virus (species)
Marsac virus (species)
Milolii virus (species)
Mizyes virus 1 (species)
Moyer virus (species)
Murici virus (species)
Mytcor virus 1 (species)
Mytedu virus 1 (species)
Mytgal virus 1 (species)
Mytgal virus 2 (species)
Nai virus (species)
Namao virus can be found in Brenda BRENDA pathways(species)
Naples virus (species)
Niehaus virus (species)
Noveria virus (species)
Ofaie virus (species)
Orinoco virus (species)
Pecovirus sp. (species)
Pinela virus (species)
Posavirus sp. (species)
Qualyub virus (species)
Rainier virus (species)
Rasavirus sp. (species)
Red tail virus (species)
Renton virus (species)
Rolda virus (species)
Rudphi virus 1 (species)
Rudphi virus 2 (species)
Rudphi virus 3 (species)
Rudphi virus 4 (species)
Rudphi virus 5 (species)
Salvia virus (species)
Sherman virus (species)
Siriri virus (species)
Swagivirus HG (species)
Tanay virus can be found in Brenda (species)
Tartou virus (species)
Terena virus (species)
Thika virus (species)
Towan virus (species)
Tunis virus (species)
Twyford virus (species)
Virus Chimp162 (species)
Virus HH06 (species)
Virus NG10 (species)
Virus NG11 (species)
Virus NG18 (species)
Virus NG19 (species)
Virus NG4 (species)
Virus NG5 (species)
Virus NG7 (species)
Virus PK1142 (species)
Virus PK1813 (species)
Virus PK2111 (species)
Virus PK2247 (species)
Virus Rctr16k (species)
Virus Rctr197k (species)
Virus Rctr41k (species)
Virus Rctr71 (species)
Virus Rctr85 (species)
Virus sp. (species)
Virus TN1 (species)
Volivirus sp. (species)
Wabat virus (species)
Wolkberg virus (species)
Zirqa virus (species)