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Literature summary for extracted from

  • Kurek, E.J.
    Properties of an enzymatic complex active in sulfite and thiosulfate oxidation by Rhodotorula sp. (1985), Arch. Microbiol., 143, 277-282.
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Activating Compound

Activating Compound Comment Organism Structure
phosphate maximal actiovity at final substrate concentrations of 0.02-0.05 M at pH 7.8 Rhodotorula sp.

General Stability

General Stability Organism
treatment with 1-2 mg trypsin per 1.5 mg of protein or 0.1-0.2 mg of pronase or 1.5 mg of protein at 25°C causes decline of activity Rhodotorula sp.


Inhibitors Comment Organism Structure
1,10-phenanthroline 5 mM, 30% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
2,2'-bipyridyl 5 mM, 50% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
AMP 0.01 mM, 50% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
EDTA 10 mM Na2EDTA, 30% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
HgCl2 0.25 mM, complete inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
NEM 1 mM, complete inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
p-hydroxymercuribenzoate 1 mM, complete inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
sodium deoxycholate 1.0%, 80% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.
Triton X-100 1.0%, 15% inhibition Rhodotorula sp.

KM Value [mM]

KM Value [mM] KM Value Maximum [mM] Substrate Comment Organism Structure
sulfite reaction with cytochrome c Rhodotorula sp.
Rhodotorula sp.
sulfite reaction with ferricyanide Rhodotorula sp.


Organism UniProt Comment Textmining
Rhodotorula sp.
enzyme complex that posseses sulfite oxidase activity and thiosulfate-oxidizing activity

Storage Stability

Storage Stability Organism
-20°C, in presence of 20% glycerol stable for several days, without glycerol most of the activity is lost after 48 h Rhodotorula sp.

Substrates and Products (Substrate)

Substrates Comment Substrates Organism Products Comment (Products) Rev. Reac.
sulfite + ferricyanide + H2O
Rhodotorula sp. sulfate + ferrocyanide + H+
sulfite + ferricytochrome c + H2O
Rhodotorula sp. sulfate + ferrocytochrome c + H+

Temperature Optimum [°C]

Temperature Optimum [°C] Temperature Optimum Maximum [°C] Comment Organism
Rhodotorula sp.

Temperature Stability [°C]

Temperature Stability Minimum [°C] Temperature Stability Maximum [°C] Comment Organism
5 min, 60% loss of activity Rhodotorula sp.
7 min, 70% loss of activity Rhodotorula sp.
boiling of the purified enzyme complex destroys activity completely Rhodotorula sp.

pH Optimum

pH Optimum Minimum pH Optimum Maximum Comment Organism
reaction with native cytochrome c Rhodotorula sp.