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58CrPM cell, abscission zone, achene, adventitious root, aerial part, alabastrum, albedo, aleurone layer, anther, apical bud, apical hook, apical meristem, archegonium, aril, AS-8 cell, ascospore, atrichoblast cell, awn, axillary bud, axillary bud meristem, bark, basal node, basidiospore, berry, blastospore, bolting stage, bract, branch, bulb, bulbil, bundle sheath, bundle sheath cell, C20D cell, callus, calyx, cambium, carpel, caryopsis, cauline leaf, chalazal cell, chlorenchyma, chloronema, cigar leaf, cladode, clove, cob, coleoptile, column, companion cell, cone, conidium, corm, cormel, corn ear, corn silk, corolla, corolla tube, corona, cotton fibre, cotyledon, cotyledonary node, crown gall, disc, dormant eye, embryogenic cell line, embryonic axis, emulsin, endocarp, endodermis, endosperm, endospore, epiblast, epicotyl, etiolated plant tissue, exocarp, exodermis, extrastaminal nectary, fascicle, fiber, fiddlehead, filament, fine root, flag leaf, flagellate, flagellum, flavedo, floral meristem, floral primordium, floret, flower, flower bud, flower stalk, forespore, frond, frond tip, fruit, fruit capsule, fruit juice, fruit peduncle, FU-01 cell, fungal sporangium, gametophore, gametophyte, germ, germinal disc, germinal epithelium, germinated grain, glume, ground meristem, guard cell, gynoecial nectary, gynoecium, gynophore, gynostemium, hairy root, haustorial mother cell, haustorium, heterocyst, heterotrophic cell, honey, husk, hydathode, hypocotyl, idioblast, inflorescence, inflorescence meristem, inflorescence primordium, inflorescence stalk, intercalary meristem, interfascicular region, internode, juice, juice vesicle, K3OHD cell, kernel, labellum, lacquer, lateral root, latex, laticifer, leaf, leaf axil, leaf base, leaf bud, leaf disc, leaf epidermis, leaf lamina, leaf primordium, leaf sheath, leaf tip, leaf vein, leaflet, lignifying cell, lupulin gland, male inflorescence, mature stage, megagametophyte, megasporangium, megaspore, meristem, mesocarp, mesocotyl, mesontle, mesophyll, mesophyll cell, metaphloem, microgametophyte, microspore, monospore, mucilage, Muellerian body, multicellular trichome, myrosin cell, nectar, nectary, nectary parenchyma, needle, node, non-root-hair cell, Oc cell, ovum, P-93AF cell, palea, palisade parenchyma, panicle, paraveinal mesophyll, peltate gland, perianth, pericarp, pericycle, periderm, perisperm, petal, petiole, phellem, phloem, phloem parenchyma cell, phycobiont, phylloid, pinnule, pitcher, pitcher secretion, pith, plant, plant bud, plant candle, plant cell line, plant collar, plant crown, plant cuticle, plant ear, plant embryo, plant epidermal cell, plant epidermis, plant funiculus, plant gall, plant glandular hair, plant hair, plant hilum, plant lip, plant oil gland, plant ovary, plant ovule, plant parenchyma, plant pedicel, plant placenta, plant protocorm, plant reproductive system, plant septum, plant tumor tissue, plant vascular cell, plant vessel, plant zygote, plantlet, plumule, pod, pollen, pollen mother cell, pollen tube, primary leaf, primary root, procambium, protonema, protophloem, protoxylem, pseudostem, pulp, pulvinus, radical leaf, radicle, ray cell, ray floret, receptacle, rhizodermis, rhizoid, rhizome, rhizophore, rind, root, root apex, root apical meristem, root band, root cap, root cortex, root epidermal cell, root hair, root nodule, root nodule cortex, root pericycle, root primordium, root quiescent center, root tip, root vascular cell, root vascular cylinder, rootlet, rosette, rosette leaf, sapling, sarcocarp, scape, sclerenchyma, scutellum, secondary root, secretory trichome, seed, seed coat, seed vessel, seedling, seedpod, sepal, shoot, shoot apical meristem, shoot base, shoot tip, shuck, sieve cell, sieve tube, silique, spadix, spathe, spear, spermatozoid, spike, spikelet, sporangiophore, sporangiospore, sporangium, spore, sporocarp, sporophyte, sprout, stamen, stele, stem, stem cortex, stem juice, stem leaf, stigma, stipe, stipule, stolon, stolon tip, stoma, storage parenchyma, storage root, storage tissue, style, sympodium, synergid cell, tapetum, taproot, tassel, TBY-2 cell, tendril, tepal, tetrad of microspores, thallus, transfer cell, transfer cell precursor, trapping leaf, trichilium, trichome, true leaf, tuber, tuber cortex, tuber meristem, tuberous root, turion, twig, uredospore, vascular bundle, vascular cambium, vascular tissue, vegetative stage, whole plant, wood, XD-6 cell, xylem, xylem parenchyma cell, YZI-1S cell, zoospore